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Directed by: Mark Anthony Galluzzo
Written by: Mark Anthony Galluzzo
Release Date: January 15, 2002 (Slamdunk Film Festival)


Jason Mewes as Terry
Glenn Quinn as Prof. Hal Evans, phd.
Rick Otto as Nick ‘The Prick’ Collier
Nora Zehetner as Leigh Franklin
Brandi Andres as Jordan
Majandra Delfino as Callie
Jonathan Banks as Walter Franklin
Daniel Joseph as John Skyles


Philosophy student Nick Collier (Rick Otto) and his friends have just graduated from college, but before the working world grabs hold and scatters them all different ways, good ole´Nick wants to have one last sha-bang. The party is a smashing success. In fact, the celebration soon become so successful that Nick decides he doesn´t want it to end ever. For as far as our sentimental host is concerned, there is still one last way for everyone to stay very close together – well of course that is as long as they´re all dead.

Thus with grace and skill Nick carefully proceeds to immortalize his good pals one by one. In fact ole´Nicky is so good, none of his guests even realize what´s befallen their fellow party-goers, until their time too, has come. As the night wears on and the guests dwindle, the audience to this twisted Hitchcockian tale is left guessing … who´s next? And more importantly how, where, and oh yeah … why?


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