2004 Public Appearances

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I spend some time on the gallery and replaced the 2004 Public Appearance pics with mostly HQ pics and added a few new ones. Enjoy!

- 2004 > 2004-01-06: Showtime Presents The Premiere Screening Of ‘The L Word’
- 2004 > 2004-04-06: Playstation 2 Launches Concert Series
- 2004 > 2004-09-01: Post reception party for the Latin Grammy’s
- 2004 > 2004-10-19: Chanel’s Special Premiere Screening of ‘No.5 The Film’
- 2004 > 2004-10-19: Launch of Marciano hosted by Vanity Fair
- 2004 > 2004-10-25: 2nd Semi Annual Fashion Wire Daily’s Event Next

Happy New Year!

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I wanna wish everyone

A Happy New Year

Also as you can see we have new layouts for the main site and the gallery. I hope you like. Let me know what you think :)

‘Burlesque’ Premiere

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I was hoping that Majandra would attend the premiere of ‘Burlesque’ since David is in it and I’m glad that she was there to support him.

She looked gorgeous in her LBD. Damn I love those legs of hers. And she looks so happy and is smiling in all the pics. I love that she is also showing her goofy side by making faces on the red carpet. So freakin adorable. Love her!
Enjoy the pics :)

- 2010 > 2010-11-15: “Burlesque” Premiere

‘Bent’ captures and video download

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A huge thanks to Magda for finding this.
Max Ricci, the director of ‘Bent’ a short movie that Majandra did last year released the movie on his official site. You can download it and watch it.

I watched it and it was funny. I love Majandra’s facial expressions. She is so good at that. David Walton was hilarious.

Also I uploaded the caps to the gallery :)

- Movies > 2009 – Bent > Captures

‘CosmoGIRL!’ Scan

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A huge thanks to Josie for this scan. I just love Majandra and Marieh and this is one of my fav shoots with them and I’m happy to finally have the article as well. Enjoy!

- Scans > CosmoGIRL! (December 1999/January 2000)

‘Cheyenne Ellis’ Shoot

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I’ve been collecting pics over the last few months. Most of them are already in the gallery just in MQ. I have most of them in HQ now and will be uploading them soon.

I started with the ‘Cheyenne Ellis’ shoot which is one of my all time fav shoots of Majandra. I got one pic in HQ and I replaced 3 with slightly bigger versions. Enjoy!

- Outtakes > 022 (Cheyenne Ellis)

‘Web Of Lies’ Screencaptures

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I finally took the time to go through the ‘Web Of Lies’ caps and added them to the gallery. Enjoy!

- Movies > 2009 – Web of Lies > Captures