New Shoot by Cheyenne Ellis

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Majandra did a new photoshoot and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

A big thanks to Christine for letting me know!

Cheyenne Ellis Blog

a little preview of the images i did for majandra delfino last week. to listen to her stunning voice visit and look out for the whole shoot on her site and mine, coming soon.
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- 002 Session#22 (Cheyenne Ellis)

‘Quarterlife’ Caps

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Thanks again for the wonderful comments on the new layout! Makes me really happy!

Also I finally added the latest ‘Quarterlife’ caps to the gallery. Enjoy!

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- Part 30 – Finding A Voice
- Part 31 – Home Sweet Home

‘Quarterlife’ Caps

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Sorry for the delay!

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- ‘Quarterlife’ Caps

‘Quarterlife’ Caps

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Sorry that I’m a little late with the caps.

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Mad with Katherine Heigl out’n about.

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Majandra went with Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley to a French restaurant during the filming break near the studio of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, in Los Angeles, on February 1, 2007.

- 05 02-01: Lunch with Katherine Heigl

Many thanks to Yvonne.

Public Appearances 1998

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I added some missing photos. Please visit our gallery to see the latest additions in the category “Public Appearances 1998”. Click the links and enjoy.

- 01 04-02: ‘Mercury Rising’ Premiere
- 04 04-04: Nickelodeon Kids Awards
- 03 09-07: KickOff Party MTV Music Video Awards
- 06 10-06: Apt Pupil Los Angeles Premiere
- 01 10-11: 8th Environmental Media Awards
- 01 11-11: ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’
- 01 12-03: ‘Another Day in Paradise’

‘Quarterlife’ Caps

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Sorry for not adding these earlier but I feel really bad at the moment. Everything hurts and I just feel like crap.

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- ‘Quarterlife’ Caps