‘Quarterlife’ Caps

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Once again thanks for all the nice comments on the new layout! I really appreciate it!

Also I finally came around to make caps of the last part of ‘Quarterlife’ and I soon will be adding clips. Enjoy!

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– 028 Part 36 – Home Sweet Home

‘InStyle Weddings’ Scans

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So Majandra and Devon were finally featured in ‘InStyle Weddings’ and Foofighters616 was kind enough to donate the scans. Thank you so much!

Majandra looks beautiful and I totally love the fact that she designed the dress herself. That’s a nice change and makes me love her even more. Also I dig the decoration. It looks really classy and elegant with the black and white.
As for the reception dress: Where can I get it? Majandra designed it herself and I love love it so much! I want it! It’s totally my type of dress!

Enjoy the scans!

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– 002 ‘InStyle Weddings’ Scans

‘Cheyenne Ellis’ Shoot

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Here are some more pics from the ‘Cheyenne Ellis’ Shoot and Majandra looks beyond amazing. There are really no words for how gorgeous she is esp in that pics with the purple shirt. That is my absolute fav. Enjoy! (Also I replaced #3+4 with better versions)

Gallery Links:
– 004 Session#22 (Cheyenne Ellis)

P.S.: You should really check out the official site of Cheyenne Ellis because she is an amazing photographer and has awesome pics of Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight and other celebrities there! http://www.cheyenneellis.com/

Event Photos

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So I spend hours on sorting out event photos and I’m finally done. Actually not really, it’s only 4 events that I sorted out but there were hundreds of pics to go through :D

Anyways I added tons of new pics and I’m proud to announce that MAD – Online is now hosting over 30,000 pics which is definitely the biggest Majandra gallery on the net :D

Gallery Links:
– 034 03-29: ‘The Reaping’ Premiere
– 024 07-29: ‘Stardust’ Premiere
– 076 08-13: ‘Superbad’ Premiere
– 087 01-22: ‘Untraceable’ Premiere

‘Quarterlife’ Caps

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I finally came around to cap ‘Quarterlife’. Enjoy!

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‘Cheyenne Ellis’ Shoot

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Here are two more pics of Majandra’s latest photoshoot and seriously she is beyond gorgeous. How is it possible that she isn’t on every single magazine cover out there, it’s quite a mystery to me?!
Thanks to Val!

Gallery Links:
– 002 Session#22 (Cheyenne Ellis)

New Shoot by Cheyenne Ellis

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Majandra did a new photoshoot and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

A big thanks to Christine for letting me know!

Cheyenne Ellis Blog

a little preview of the images i did for majandra delfino last week. to listen to her stunning voice visit www.majandra.com and look out for the whole shoot on her site and mine, coming soon.
Posted by Cheyenne Ellis Photography

Gallery Links:
– 002 Session#22 (Cheyenne Ellis)