‘Quarterlife’ Caps and Clip

Jan 7, 2008

It’s totally awesome to have new stuff to add to the site. I love it and I love Majandra on ‘Quarterlife’. Her character is really cool and I like her and Andy. Will be nice to see what’s gonna happen with them!

Gallery Links:
- 34 ‘Quarterlife’ Part 18

The new part is already up @ Quarterlife.com.

‘Quarterlife’ Caps and Clip

Jan 4, 2008

So Majandra was in the last epi of ‘Quarterlife’ and this time she was interacting with the whole group which is totally awesome. We find out more about her character and Andy seems to be really smitten with her :laughing:

See for yourself:


Majandra will also be in the next episode – Part 18

I added the caps of the newest epi:

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- 37x ‘Quarterlife’

Big Update

Dec 24, 2007

First of all:

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Second of all:

I’m really sorry for, pretty much, neglecting this site. There is no excuse for that since I’m not working until march and I actually have enough time. I guess I was just not in the mood.

New Layouts
Anyways I worked really hard the last couple of days and made new layouts for the main site, the fanlisting and the photo archive. I really hope that you like it. I’m totally in love with the fanlisting one because I love those pics of Majandra.

I finally updated the Discography and added the lyrics for ‘Tarte’. I had to type all of it since I couldn’t find it on the net. So if there are any mistakes, please let me know.

I updated the Filmography with synopsis and covers and stuff.

Last but not least I added some new pics, scans, caps, …

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- ‘The Tony Danza Show’ – 1.09
- ‘The Tony Danza Show’ – 1.10
- ‘The Secret Life Of Girls’ Stills
- ‘Zeus and Roxanne’ Stills
- ‘The Learning Curve’ Stills
- ‘Reeseville’ Deleted Scenes
- ‘Reeseville’ Behind-The-Scene



Oct 21, 2007
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So I updated the gallery with new photoshoots and I replaced some MQ with HQ pics.

A big thanks to poupa and Caroline.

I totally love the last pic. Majandra looks so hot in it. Just awesome!

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- 04x Session# 01 (3 replaced, 1 new)
- 02x Session# 16
- 01x Session# 21

‘Teen Choice Awards 2000 – Press Room’ Caps + Clip

Oct 12, 2007
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Thanks for the comments on the new layout! I promise I will be better with the updates. I still have stuff to add to this site I just wish it wasn’t old.

Anyways, here are some caps and a clip:

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- 26x ’2000 Teen Choice Awards – Press Room’ Caps

• Media Links:
- ’2000 Teen Choice Awards – Press Room’ Clip


Sep 16, 2007
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Devon Gummersall and Majandra attended the 2007 Kari Feinstein Style Lounge on September 13, 2007 in Beverly Hills, California.

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- 04x Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge – Day 1

‘Stardust’ & ‘Superbad’ Premieres

Aug 24, 2007
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I added some more pics of the ‘Stardust’ and ‘Superbad’ premieres. Enjoy!

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- 09x ‘Stardust’ Premiere
- 10x ‘Superbad’ Premiere