‘Arkanium’ Scans

Hey everyone!

I´m back and I will start working on the site again. I´m currently working on a new layout which hopefully will be up soon. As for now I added some old yet beautiful scans of Majandra and RoBERT from the Arkanium magazine. Be sure to check them out because Majandra really looks gorgeous in them. She kinda reminds me of an elf. The only thing missing are the pointy ears 😉

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06x ‘Arkanium’ Scans

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‘State’s Evidence’ Caps

A big thanks to Maria for capping ‘State´s Evidence’ for MAD – Online. From what I can see the movie looks really good and I can´t wait to get my DVD sometime next week. I’ve only heard good things about the movie so if you haven´t already go to Amazon and order your copy. The link is in the sidebar.

OK, so enough of me promoting the movie. Here are 910 (Oh I forgot to say that there is a lot of Majandra in it) caps of ‘State´s Evidence’. Enjoy!

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910x ‘State’s Evidence’ Caps

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‘S1 Interview’ Clips + Caps

So how cute was Majandra in S1 of Roswell? Right, really cute! See for yourself. I added a clip from an interview from S1. There is also a part of Brendan in it. I thought it would be nice to have it in there since he is talking about Majandra eh I mean Maria

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‘S1 Interview’ Clips

I also made caps of it just because Majandra looks so adorable in it.

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95x ‘S1 Interview’ Caps

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