‘Dirty Laundry’ Screencaptures

In 2001, Majandra did a short movie called ‘Dirty Laundry’ with her Roswell co-star Nick Wechsler. It was just recently released (yes, 14 years later) but unfortunately already taken down. I can’t share the video with you at the moment but I added some great screencaptures to the gallery. Majandra’s role was different than usual and fun fact: The dead guy was played by Paul Shugerman, one of Majandra’s best friends.

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‘Friends With Better Lives’ Screencaptures

Some good news in regards to the remaining episodes: CBS decided to release them and I couldn’t be happier that we at least get to see the entire season. I would have preferred a second season but I will take what I can get.
I added HD screencaptures of the 4 missing episodes. Enjoy!

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‘1.07 Cyrano de Trainer-Zac’ Screencaptures

Supposedly, CBS showed the last episode last night and wont be airing the rest of the season but they also showed a promo for next week. It’s all really confusing at this point. CBS really needs to rethink their decision. This show deserves another chance. I need a season 2 and I want to see all the episodes.

Check out 319 HD logoless screencaptures in the gallery.

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‘1.06 Yummy Mummy’ Screencaptures

I still can’t believe that CBS canceled this show. It’s one of the best sitcoms I have seen in years and not just because I’m a huge Majandra fan but because it’s really funny. The cast has great chemistry and I’m a sucker for dirty jokes.
The actors are campaigning to get the show on another network so keep watching and tweeting if you want to see the show back for S2.

In the meantime, I added 333 HD screencaptures to the gallery.

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