’1.02 Window Pain’ Screencaptures

I just finished the second episode of ‘Friends With Better Lives’ and damn I love the show. It was even better than the pilot and my stomach still hurts from all the laughing. Check out 278 logoless HD screencaptures in the gallery.

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- S1 Screencaptures > 1.02 Window Pain

‘Friends With Better Lives’ Gallery Update

I added lots of new promo shoots, screencaptures and stills to the ‘Friends With Better Lives’ section. Hope you like :)

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‘TV Guide Magazine’ Shoot

Apr 2, 2014
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Majandra and the cast of ‘Friends With Better Lives’ did a shoot for ‘TV Guide Magazine’. A bts clip was released and hopefully the outtakes will follow soon. Check out the screencaptures in the gallery and the clip below.

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- Behind The Scene > TV Guide Magazine (2014) – Screencaptures

’1.01 Pilot’ Screencaptures

So how did you like Majandra’s new show? I really enjoyed it and laughed so hard. Definitely can’t wait for more.
I added 437 logoless HD screencaptures from the first episode to the gallery.

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- S1 Screencaptures > 1.01 Pilot

‘Friends With Better Lives’ Interview Promos

I’m so freakin excited. Majandra will be back on our screens in less than two weeks. Check out those new promos/interviews where the cast talks about their characters and their relationships.

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- S1 Promotional Images > Promo – Cast of Characters
- S1 Promotional Images > Promo – The Grass is Greener?

‘Friends with Better Lives’ Behind the Scenes

CBS released a BTS clip from Majandra’s upcoming show ‘Friends with Better Lives’. The cast and creators talk about the show and we get some more scenes. I’m already in love with Majandra’s character and her relationship with Kevin. Check out the screencaptures in the gallery and the clip below.

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’9.17 The Farm’ Screencaptures

Mar 15, 2013

I added screencaptures from last night’s ‘The Office’ episode ’9.17 The Farm’. Enjoy!

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