Thanks to Lisa:

Majandra has agreed to call into Media’s Blog Talk radio show (The Two Doctors) this Sunday night. She will be talking about her new album and anything else the Doctors ask. Are there any questions that you would like them to ask?

If you wish to listen live, tune in Sunday night at 10pm Pacific time. If you go to the link below, you can listen to past shows.

Radio Show

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Order Tarte

You can finally order your copy of “Tarte” at Majandra’s official site Majandra Delfino . com.

The site has a new look and you can see some new pics and also hear some of Majandra’s new songs. Let me tell you that they sound amazing. I really can’t wait to get my copy of the album.

Well go to her site and get your copy that you’ve been waiting for so long wink

Also there will be changes at MAD – Online but don’t worry, they are good smile

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Majandra’s Official Scavenger Hunt Contest

Here is something that Val and Lisa set up at MediaBLVD. Check it out:

Welcome to the Majandra’s Official Scavenger Hunt Contest

Pixies, the time has come to put your investigative skills to good use. Hopefully our teaser puzzles have helped prepare you for the next challenge. Welcome to the Majandra themed Scavenger Hunt in honor of the release of the MUCH anticipated Tarte CD.

Here are the rules

All answers can be found on Majandra’s Official Website or the MB pod cast featuring Majandra and Devon. You can still access Majandra’s old website, there is a link at the bottom of the “Coming Soon” page.

Answering the questions correctly will give you X amount of points, bonus points are also available on many of the questions.

The contest will run through xx-xx-2007 and the first ten people who have accumulated up to or greater than 50 points will be placed into a drawing for the Grand Prize. There will also be prizes for the other 9 runner ups.

Submit answers to:

Search away Pixies. Best of luck and happy hunting!

You can find the questions at MediaBLVD.

Have fun!

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‘Tarte’ Release Dates

Thanks to Erin for this:


Majandra was officially signed to Emperor Penguin Recordings last week.

The first thing that will happen is that the CD will be available on Apple iTunes.
This should be, roughly, by the end of Feb.

Actual CDs will be for sale at sometime in April and hopefully a week or so sooner directly from EPR.

All these dates are estimates due to the fact that in the final hours, Majandra has decided to re-do all of the artwork for the CD under a totally different theme.

So, assuming that the first round of art and graphics are approved by her, the above mentioned dates should be relatively correct.

If the art and graphics take longer to approve then the dates will be off slightly but hopefully not by much.

There should be some new information going up on the EPR site very soon though, so please check back.

I will also add you to the email list that will notify you when the CD becomes available, etc..


your personal, private, secret, evasive,
good, suave, magnificent, sultry, special agent,
writing to you from the Embassy

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‘Tarte coming soon

Thanks to Keri for this info:

This info is “the latest” as of only 2 days ago!!!

The Majandra / EPR contract ( which took over two years to work out )
is finally signed!!!

( actually to be totally honest which is how we like to conduct
ourselves: we are TOLD by Majandra’s lawyer that the contract is
signed… and that it is on it’s way to us so although we don’t know
for 100% sure – we have to assume that the contract really is signed
and there won’t be anymore snags, etc… this is the furthest we have
gotten so far so we are very excited to finally be able to
concentrate on releasing the amazing, brilliant, totally spectacular
Majandra CD instead of concentrating on everything prior to being
able to do that… )

We will be putting the cover of the CD up on the EPR web site within
the next few days, with more information about the release…

So – within the next few weeks the CD will have an official street
date and the CD will be available at APPLE iTunes for download, then,
a few weeks after that the physical CD will be available at both the
EPR site and also

The wait is – FINALLY – almost over!

your personal, private, secret, evasive, good, suave, magnificent, sultry, special agent,

writing to you from the Embassy

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Pod cast interview with Majandra and Devon

Source: MediaBLVD

Majandra and Devon have agreed to do a pod cast interview with small screen buzz (hopefully in the next two weeks)

So if you have any questions that you think Rod and Kelli should ask them in the interview please post them here.

For those that haven’t heard of small screen buzz, they are a media partner with MediaBlvd, and have started doing celebrity interviews for us. They did an interview with Brendan two weeks ago
Check it out if you like

ETA: Looks like the interview will take place Saturday morning. So your questions will have to be posted before then (Rod and Kelli from smallscreenbuzz will be checking this thread to get some ideas) – Lisa

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New layout + Reeseville DVD news!

So I finally made a new layout and I´m quite satisfied with it. Please let me know what you think of it.

Also for those who haven´t seen Reeseville yet:

Reeseville film now on DVD

The movie “Reeseville,” which was named after the Dodge County community, has been released on DVD.

The feature movie, produced by Doomed Productions, is available for $20 online at

The movie, staring Brad Hunt, Majandra Delfino, Brain Wimmer, Missy Crider and Mark Hamill, was filmed in the summer of 2002 throughout Reeseville, Watertown, Jefferson and the surrounding area. Several area residents also appear in the film.

The Wisconsin made feature film made its Wisconsin premiere at the Milwaukee International Film Festival on Nov. 6, 2003.

The movie is about a man who returns to his hometown, Reeseville, haunted by the fact that his mother died while giving birth and confronted upon his return with his father’s suicide. The plot thickens when the coroner suspects the son of killing his father.

The DVD contains theatrical trailers, more than 40 minutes of deleted scenes and behind the scenes footage.

Order the DVD!

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