Pilot Watch 2011-12: Cable

Keeping my fingers crossed that the show gets picked up 🙂

Earlier in the year, I took a look at what the networks were doing with their pilot season, as the time is growing nearer and nearer for shows to be picked up and decisions to be made. Here is a look at some of the major cable networks out there and what they’re doing. Since each network is so different, it’s kind of hard to see trends or really compare each development slate, so I separated things out a bit more and let you know what exactly I’d pick up. Some of my personal pick-ups are due to things the network’s losing this season, but some are just for personal reasons, i.e. I’d like to see how a particular show would go. There are several shows that are pretty much going to be picked up that I personally didn’t pick up, but I was never one for conventionality.

ABC Family
Number of Shows in Contention: 9
Most Promising: Cloak & Dagger, a drama about two teens who develop superpowers after being forced to take experimental drugs
Least Promising: The Untitled Brenda Hampton Project sounds like The Facts of Life meets a Hallmark Movie of the Week
Coolest Casting: Majandra Delfino in The Great State of Georgia, just because it’s nice to see her working
What I’d Pick Up: Switched at Birth, The Lying Game, The Great State of Georgia


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Majandra is getting hitched!

So my BFF woke me up today in the very early morning to let me know that Majandra twittered about a wedding but not just any wedding. We are talking about Majandra’s wedding here 🙂

So yeah Majandra is engaged and soon to be married. And I just want to wish her all the happiness in the world. David is one lucky man 😀

Congratulations to the Happy Couple!

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More about ‘The Great State Of Georgia’

Some more information on Majandra’s new pilot:

Great State of Georgia is a show about two best friends, Georgia and Jo, trying to make it in the big city. Fresh off the boat from Atlanta this sitcom follows the crazy high jinks of these two girls – Jo, a model type who is too consumed with all things intellect to ever notice her beauty, awaits entrance to the physics program at Columbia and Georgia, a curvy and outgoing sassy frass who oozes charm, tries her darnedest to break into the acting world. Great State of Georgia is a hilarious weekly adventure, following Georgia and Jo these two as they put their distinctive Laverne and Shirley stamp on the craziness that is New York.

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Majandra Delfino joins Raven Symone pilot

This is awesome news 😀 I hope the show gets picked up. I really miss Majandra on my screen!

Majandra Delfino has reportedly joined the cast of ABC Family’s new pilot The Great State Of Georgia.

The show stars That’s So Raven’s Raven Symone as Georgia, a performer from the South who moves to New York to try to succeed as an actress.

Deadline says that Delfino has now signed up to play Georgia’s best friend Jo.

Jo is described as a “science geek” but is expected to move to New York with Georgia. The show also stars Brock Cuchna as Georgia’s ex-boyfriend, who tries to persuade her to return home.

Delfino has previously had roles in Roswell High, Quarterlife, Men Of A Certain Age and the recent movie Life As We Know It.


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Majandra on ‘Men Of A Certain Age’

So Majandra tweeted and guess where she is. On the set of ‘Men Of A Certain Age’. I’m so excited about this. I can’t wait to see her on TV again. I missed her so much.

As soon as I find out more about this I will post it 🙂

She also posted a new pic of her in a really tight, short dress looking hot and gorgeous as usual.

On set of MenOfACertainAge with the tightest dress ever. My boobs hurt they’re so smooshed!

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