’1.03 Game Sext Match’ Sneak Peek

Apr 16, 2014

Friends with Better Lives Star Majandra Talks about the Good Old WB Days with James Van Der Beek

Did you catch the first episode of Friends with Better Lives? It was new comedy pilot on CBS that debuted after How I Met Your Mother, so you may have been weeping or angrily tweeting when it began. Majandra Delfino stars as Andi, the stable gal in the group of friends on the show, as her character is married to Kevin Connolly‘s Bobby. You may recognize Majandra as the star of the late ’90s WB show Roswell, which aired around the same time as co-star James Van Der Beek‘s Dawson’s Creek. Ready for one more connection? She’s married to David Walton, the cute actor who just launched his own pilot, About a Boy. What a busy bee! Get to know Majandra, then watch Friends with Better Lives tonight at 8:30pm on CBS.

OK!: Can you describe your character on the show?

Majandra Delfino: Well, gosh, my character on the show is the person who thinks she’s the most grounded, but as life always goes, once she thinks she’s got the hang out of it, she finds out she’s pregnant. This wasn’t planned. But she fancies herself the most together, which you just know there’s no such thing in life.

OK!: But she’s in the happiest relationship on the show. Will there be any threats to her marriage?
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’1.02 Window Pain’ Screencaptures

I just finished the second episode of ‘Friends With Better Lives’ and damn I love the show. It was even better than the pilot and my stomach still hurts from all the laughing. Check out 278 logoless HD screencaptures in the gallery.

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’1.03 Game Sext Match’ & ’1.04 Pros and Cons’ Stills

Thanks to Claudia, I added new stills from episodes ’1.03 Game Sext Match’ & ’1.04 Pros and Cons’.

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‘Friends With Better Lives’ Gallery Update

I added lots of new promo shoots, screencaptures and stills to the ‘Friends With Better Lives’ section. Hope you like :)

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’1.01 Pilot’ Screencaptures

So how did you like Majandra’s new show? I really enjoyed it and laughed so hard. Definitely can’t wait for more.
I added 437 logoless HD screencaptures from the first episode to the gallery.

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Majandra Talks ‘Friends With Better Lives’, Motherhood & Never Being Cast as a Latina

In the show Friends with Better Lives, Majandra Delfino gets to tackle the age-old question that many deal with: is the grass truly greener on the other side? The 33-year-old mother of two, who was born in Venezuela to a Cuban mother and Venezuelan father, stars alongside James Van Der Beek, Kevin Connolly and Brooklyn Decker in the new CBS comedy. We caught up with the actress to talk about her character, how she tries to balance motherhood and career and why she thinks Latinas still have more to overcome in Hollywood.

Can you tell us a bit about your character?

Basically, I play myself. [laughs] I play a fantastic, fantastic character named Andi. We have such similar lives – we live in the same neighborhood, we’re married, she’s a mom with a 1 ½ year old baby and another baby on the way. She has a very sweet relatable relationship with her husband… she compares herself to her friends to see who’s doing “better,” but they’re in the weeds, as they say. They can’t see the amazing life they have in comparison to their friends sometimes.

What are some of the differences between you and your character?

She’s the more normal version of me, I guess. [laughs] She’s not married to an actor [Delfino is married to actor David Walton] but is married to a doctor [played by Kevin Connolly] who was her high school sweetheart and she’s a bit nicer than me… more accommodating.
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