Welcome to Encantadora!
This is the one and only fanlisting dedicated to singer and actress Majandra Delfino listed at TheFanlistings.org.

Besides being a kick ass actress Majandra sings also, that's what she's done originally and prefers than being an actress. Her first album entitled "The Sicks" can be purchased at Majandra.com or amazon.com.

Majandra comes from Venezuela, well so she speaks Spanish and that's why I gave the site a Spanish name. "Encantadora" means charming which Majandra truly is.

You wanna learn what the aim of a fanlisting is? Well that's pretty easy actually - a fanlisting collects all the fans all around the world of a certain topic (here: Majandra Delfino) and lists them along with their country they come from. I run quite a few more sites like this and am the founder of the headquarters The Fanlistings - to try and find my other sites please check out my site index Black-Inside.

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