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Wedding Picture

| Fri, April 1, 2011 | 3 Comments »

So as you all know Majandra and her long-time boyfriend David Walton tied the knot 2 weeks ago and well Majandra, being the awesome person that she is, sent me a beautiful wedding picture for her fans to see. Enjoy!

3 Responses to : Wedding Picture

  1. loonie says:

    I can’t believe she has actually sent you a picture of her wedding :O Does she care about us that much ? She’s awesome, she’s my hero.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Marica says:

    Yes she does and she really loves her fans 😀
    She is amazing.

  3. Marine says:

    Oh my goood, she’s sooo amazing. I love her so much and I am so happy for her. Hope she’ll be the most happiest girl with him 🙂 Thanks for the photo Majandra, and thank Marica for running this amazing website!! loove xx

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