Fan Q&A With Majandra Delfino. Exclusive!

Feb 6, 2010

Thanks to Val for this information!

Adam Rodriguez Connection is holding an exclusive Fan Q&A with former Roswell star Majandra Delfino.
Majandra played Maria De Luca along with Adam in the hit TV series and she will be answering your questions.
All you have to do is email us your question(s) and it may just get picked and featured on the site!


‘Alain Benainous’ Photoshoot

Jan 27, 2010
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I got a hold of bigger and better quality pics of that amazing photoshoot Majandra did with RoBERT while promoting ‘Le Prince Bleu’. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
- Music > Promos > Le Prince Bleu (Alain Benainous)

‘The Secret Life Of Girls’ Captures

Jan 22, 2010
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I finally managed to go through the caps and added 1390 DVD Captures of ‘The Secret Life Of Girls’ to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
- Movies > 1999 – The Secret Life Of Girls > Captures

‘So worth it!’

Jan 20, 2010
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Just when I thought that I couldn’t love her more she twitters about Haiti and makes me love her even more if that’s possible.

Don’t forget to text HAITI to 20222. It’s a $10 donation added to your phone bill. So easy, so worth it. xoxo

Majandra is a sweetheart and I love her for that!

P.S.: ‘The Secret Life Of Girls’ caps are sitting on my computer waiting for me to go through them. I will do that soon :)

‘Heidi 4 Paws’ out on DVD

Jan 14, 2010
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‘Heidi 4 Paws’ is out on DVD now. Make sure to get yourself a copy :D

No library is complete without classics! Here is your chance to enrich your whole family’s entertainment experience by OWNING the 4 Paw magic. A copy of HEIDI 4 PAWS is a perfect present for birthdays, holidays, or even friends recovering from illness or loss who just need a smile put on their kind face! Send a copy of what BOOKLIST calls “Perfect Family Fare”!

Order here

Thanks to Val for this :)

New Look!

Jan 3, 2010
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As you can see we have a new layout! I really hope you like it.
I will be working on the content soon. I know I always say this but this time I will.

Anyways, enjoy the new layout and let me know what you think!

‘Web Of Lies’ Trailer

Jan 2, 2010
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Just a quick update to let you know that I added the ‘Web Of Lies’ trailer to the Media Archive.

Also I already started working on the new layout and will have it up by tomorrow. I hope!