2nd FanForum’s Crashdown Party

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So those are really old but I never got to add them to the gallery and they are some of my all time fav pics. Majandra and Brendan are just awesome. Love them so much!

– Fan-Related > 2001-08-18: 2nd FanForum’s Crashdown Party (Christina Radish)
– Fan-Related > 2001-08-18: 2nd FanForum’s Crashdown Party (Gregory Schwartz)
– Fan-Related > 2001-08-18: 2nd FanForum’s Crashdown Party (Various)

Men Of Certain Age taking a break?

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Val just informed me that TNT decided to do a split season which means next weeks episode 2.6 is the final episode for the 1st half of the season and then this summer sometime they will show the 2nd half of the season. This means we have to wait for Majandra until the summer :(

I hope we get plenty of other things in the meantime.

‘Agency Photo’ HQ

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A huge thanks to Mel for sending me this HQ pic of one of my all time fav Majandra shoots. I had the small version in the gallery but now we have the HQ and it’s so damn gorgeous. Love it!

– Agency Photos > Black and White

2004 Public Appearances

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I spend some time on the gallery and replaced the 2004 Public Appearance pics with mostly HQ pics and added a few new ones. Enjoy!

– 2004 > 2004-01-06: Showtime Presents The Premiere Screening Of ‘The L Word’
– 2004 > 2004-04-06: Playstation 2 Launches Concert Series
– 2004 > 2004-09-01: Post reception party for the Latin Grammy’s
– 2004 > 2004-10-19: Chanel’s Special Premiere Screening of ‘No.5 The Film’
– 2004 > 2004-10-19: Launch of Marciano hosted by Vanity Fair
– 2004 > 2004-10-25: 2nd Semi Annual Fashion Wire Daily’s Event Next

Happy New Year!

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I wanna wish everyone

A Happy New Year

Also as you can see we have new layouts for the main site and the gallery. I hope you like. Let me know what you think :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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I wish you Happy Holidays! Love you all :D

Majandra is getting hitched!

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So my BFF woke me up today in the very early morning to let me know that Majandra twittered about a wedding but not just any wedding. We are talking about Majandra’s wedding here :)

So yeah Majandra is engaged and soon to be married. And I just want to wish her all the happiness in the world. David is one lucky man :D

Congratulations to the Happy Couple!