‘Web Of Lies’ Screencaptures

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I finally took the time to go through the ‘Web Of Lies’ caps and added them to the gallery. Enjoy!

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New album is coming soon :D

Actress MAJANDRA DELFINO Spells Trouble for Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in “LIFE AS WE KNOW IT”
Directed by Greg Berlanti; Releasing in Theaters October 8, 2010

10.04.2010– Hollywood, CA – Actress MAJANDRA DELFINO locks lips with Josh Duhamel and brings a sharp tongue to Katherine Heigl in the upcoming feature “LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.” Directed by Greg Berlanti, the romantic comedy is scheduled to release in theaters on October 8, 2010 by Warner Brothers Pictures.

“Life As We Know It” tells the story of two acquaintances (Heigl and Duhamel) who are forced to raise their mutual friends’ baby when they are killed in a sudden car accident. Delfino plays Jenna, the bad-girl tart who shows up to turn up the heat and stir the pot, making the already fragile situation even more delicate.

Delfino was thrilled to be reunited with fellow “Roswell” co-star Katherine Heigl, especially at the chance to work on a comedy together. Delfino explains, “I had to be really mean to Katherine in several scenes, which kept making us burst out laughing after we’d hear cut. Seriously, between my characters snarky comments and the barely-there Daisy Dukes they had me dressed in, the whole experience was just hysterical.”
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Lack of Updates

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Hi everyone!

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates. I’m still alive just busy with RL and other things. I promise there will be updates soon!

‘Amy Graves’ Shoot

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I think I just died because I just added 95 new shoots to the gallery. Majandra and her sister Marieh had a little photo session looking breathtaking as always and I’m so in love with those pics. Enjoy!

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2010 HQ Public Appearances

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I updated the 2010 Public Appearances and replaced most of the pics with HQ’s :D Enjoy!

– 2010 > 2010-06-02: Roseark Presents “Political Animal: New Drawings And Paintings” By Robbie Conal
– 2010 > 2010-07-15: Marieh Delfino’s Bridal Shower
– 2010 > 2010-07-24: Marieh Delfino And David Leepson Wedding

‘Elisabeth Caren’ Shoot

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So here is the amazing new shoot by Elisabeth Caren that I used for the layout. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I hope that there is more. One of my fav shoots for sure :)
Also I uploaded a new layout to the gallery and updated the script. Everything should work fine. Let me know if you experience any errors.

– Outtakes > 028

New Look!

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As you can see I made a new layout with one of my new fav pics. Majandra looks so stunning in it that I just had to use it. I stumbled upon it by accident when I was looking for stuff for some of my other sites and well yeah. I just love it. This shoot and some more pics will be added soon :)

Let me know what you think :)