‘Amy Graves’ Shoot

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I think I just died because I just added 95 new shoots to the gallery. Majandra and her sister Marieh had a little photo session looking breathtaking as always and I’m so in love with those pics. Enjoy!

– Outtakes > 029
– Outtakes > 030
– Outtakes > 031
– Outtakes > 032
– Outtakes > 033
– Outtakes > 034

2010 HQ Public Appearances

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I updated the 2010 Public Appearances and replaced most of the pics with HQ’s :D Enjoy!

– 2010 > 2010-06-02: Roseark Presents “Political Animal: New Drawings And Paintings” By Robbie Conal
– 2010 > 2010-07-15: Marieh Delfino’s Bridal Shower
– 2010 > 2010-07-24: Marieh Delfino And David Leepson Wedding

‘Elisabeth Caren’ Shoot

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So here is the amazing new shoot by Elisabeth Caren that I used for the layout. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I hope that there is more. One of my fav shoots for sure :)
Also I uploaded a new layout to the gallery and updated the script. Everything should work fine. Let me know if you experience any errors.

– Outtakes > 028

New Look!

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As you can see I made a new layout with one of my new fav pics. Majandra looks so stunning in it that I just had to use it. I stumbled upon it by accident when I was looking for stuff for some of my other sites and well yeah. I just love it. This shoot and some more pics will be added soon :)

Let me know what you think :)

Marieh’s Wedding

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Majandra’s big sister got hitched last weekend and both Delfino sisters looked absolutely gorgeous. They all look so happy.

I’m in love with Marieh’s dress and I also love the bridesmaids dresses. Their mom looked stunning as well in her turquoise dress. Damn those Delfino genes are amazing. Just look at them.

I added lots of pics from the wedding. Enjoy the awesomeness that is Majandra and her family!

– 2010 > 2010-07-24: Marieh Delfino And David Leepson Wedding

Marieh’s Bridal Shower

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Looks like Majandra’s big sister is getting married. Majandra, her boyfriend David Walton and proud mama Mary attended Marieh’s Bridal Shower on July 15, 2010. All looking gorgeous. I swear their mom looks more like their sister than their mother. Gorgeous woman with two beautiful daughters.

Anyways I added a few pictures to the gallery. I hope that when Marieh gets married we will get pics of that. I wanna see Majandra in her bridesmaid dress :)

– 2010 > 2010-07-15: Marieh Delfino’s Bridal Shower

Roseark Santa Monica Store Opening

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Majandra was out and about again at the Roseark Santa Monica Store Opening looking stunning as usual. I love this dress.
If you are wondering why it looks so familiar, Majandra has worn it before.
I added a few pics to the gallery and I’m hoping that there will be more or another event really soon. I love that Majandra is back in the public eye. I really missed her. Enjoy the pics! (thanks to Kelly for the HQs)

– 2010 > 2010-06-12: Roseark Santa Monica Store Opening