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Scans: Seventeen (March 2001)

| Sat, June 27, 2009 | 7 Comments »

I added some old scans to the gallery. They are from 2001 and feature Majandra and Shiri reading to kids. Totally adorable. They look like they had a lot of fun 😀
Also I found these at a forum. I don’t know who scanned them. If you do know please let me know so I can give proper credit! Thanks!


Gallery Links:
Scans > Seventeen (March 2001)

‘Katie Joplin: 1.06 Kill The Messenger’ Clips

| Fri, June 26, 2009 | 0 »

I added some more clips from Katie Joplin! I really hope you all enjoy them!

Media Links:
TV Shows > Katie Joplin

‘Katie Joplin: 1.05 Promotion Commotion’ Clips

| Thu, June 25, 2009 | 0 »

I added 3 clips from Katie Joplin to the Media Archive which are really funny. Too bad that the show didn’t go on because it had potential. Enjoy the clips!

Media Links:
TV Shows > Katie Joplin

2007 Event Galleries

| Sun, June 21, 2009 | 1 »

Let me tell you it’s really a pain when you have to go though hundreds of pics just to make sure that there are no doubles. I just spent the last couple of hours doing that. Anyways I updated the gallery with some new pics from the 2007 events. Make sure to check it out!

Gallery Links:
Appearances > 2007 > 03-29: ‘The Reaping’ Premiere
Appearances > 2007 > 07-29: ‘Stardust’ Premiere
Appearances > 2007 > 08-13: ‘Superbad’ Premiere

Roswell: Season 1 Promos

| Wed, June 17, 2009 | 3 Comments »

A big thanks to Hiramkent for these Roswell promos. I just love them. I also made caps. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
Television > Roswell > Season 1 > ‘Between’ Promo
Television > Roswell > Season 1 > ‘One Of Us’ Promo

Media Links:
Roswell > Promos

‘Untraceable’ Premiere

| Sun, June 14, 2009 | 2 Comments »

Right now I’m sifting through the mess that is my computer and I’m sorting out and rearranging the pics. While doing that I found some more pics of Majandra and Devon at the ‘Untraceable’ premiere. I added over 50 new pics and replaced 20 with HQ versions. I really hope you enjoy it!

Gallery Links:
Appearances > 2008 > 01-22: ‘Untraceable’ Premiere

‘Encantadora’ – The Make Over

| Sat, June 13, 2009 | 2 Comments »

I tried to update the fanlisting when I realized that the forms are not really working anymore which is why I updated the site with a new layout and a new script. The new script works without any problems and you should be able to join again.
So if you tried joining a while ago and it wouldn’t let you please try again 😀

Hope you like the new layout!