‘Pulling’ Support

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ABC is holding it’s 2009/2010 lineup announcement on May 19th so we will know then if the show is picked up or not.
So we have a little bit over 2 weeks til then and I think we should do something to show support and that there are people interested in the show.

Val suggested that we should send emails to ABC and I think this is a good idea. Something like:

Hello, my name is [insert name] and I’m [insert age] years old. I wanted to write in and ask that you please consider putting the new Stacy Traub series Pulling on the fall schedule. This show has so much promise with such an amazing cast. Please give the Pulling fans a chance to see this show.

Thank you

Of course you can add some more things to the email. Here is the Contact Form where you can post this.

Thanks a lot

‘Teen Choice Awards 2000′ Clip

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I added a short but really cute clip of Majandra and Brendan from the TCA 2000 to the media archive. They are just posing for the cameras but it’s really adorable and it just reminded me of the good old Roswell times. I love Majandra’s and Brendan’s chemistry.

Out and About in Hollywood

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I added 010 more pics from Majandra being out and about in Hollywood. I also have a date now. The pics are from January 29, 2008. I totally adore her outfit here 😀

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– Candids > 2008-01-29: Out and About in Hollywood

‘Roseark’ & ‘Fired Up’ Galleries

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It took me a little longer to get a hold of the bigger pics of the ‘Roseark’ event but I finally did it. Majandra looks really happy in them. I adore her smile. I also found some new pics from the ‘Fired Up’ Premiere. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
– Appearances > 2009 > ‘Fired Up’ Premiere
– Appearances > 2009 > Roseark Presents Daniela Villegas Jewelry

P.S.: New layout is almost done 😀

ABC’s Pulling Power

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I really hope they go with the naughty version.

Pulling: the bawdy BBC3 show is being made into a pilot by ABC

Monkey was surprised when US network ABC confirmed it was making a pilot of raunchy BBC3 comedy Pulling. After all, the bawdy show about three single women is full of sex, drinking and swearing – hardly primetime US network territory. But Monkey hears ABC has actually made two versions of the show for its pilot – one with all the naughty stuff and one a bit cleaner. Monkey knows which one would be best but is guessing it may not be the one that ends up on air.

Thanks to Val

‘Pulling’ Synopsis

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I just found this and the show definitely sounds interesting. I really hope it gets picked up because I miss seeing Majandra on screen every week.

Boyfriends may come and go, but girlfriends are forever. When three almost-thirty-something best friends find themselves single again, they move in together and live it up as only three Philly girls can. Donna, Louise and Karen have lived in Philly their whole lives and have been friends for almost as long. No matter what’s happened in their lives, they’ve always been there for each other. Now facing their thirties, they’re beginning to wonder just what it is exactly that they have to show for it. Ballsy Karen just gave up her apartment, but can’t find a new one since landlords only want couples. Beautiful, but neurotic Donna is suffering a serious mid-relationship crisis regarding her fiancé Karl. And sweet, but slightly dizzy Louise is finally in a relationship… unfortunately, it’s sex-free because her boyfriend is a reformed flasher. As Karen enlists her friends into her crazy schemes to secure her dream apartment, Donna finally decides that she has to let Karl go. Louise’s boyfriend has the balls to dump her when she catches him flashing Karen’s would-be landlady. Now the girls really need an apartment. These three girlfriends may not have anywhere to sleep just yet, but at least they know they’ve always got each other. Now if they could only find love. Pulling is the blue-collar answer to Sex and the City. Stacy Taub (Notes from the Underbelly) adapts from Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly’s hit British comedy of the same name. Every woman will identify with one of these three friends as they discover just how hilariously hard it really is to get a life.

CAST – Lindsay Sloane as Donna; Majandra Delfino as Louise; Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Karen; Charlie Finn as Karl

CREDITS – Production Companies: ABC Studios, Francie Calfo Productions; Executive Producer/Writer: Stacy Traub; Executive Producers: Francie Calfo, Sharon Horgan, Dennis Kelly; Director: Elliot Hegarty

Leaving Sunset Five in Los Angeles

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While looking for the pics from last nights event I came across those cute candids of Majandra and David. She looks so adorable and I totally love the outfit.
Also it’s so not fair that she still looks gorgeous even without make-up *sigh*

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– Candids > 2009-04-11: Leaving Sunset Five in Los Angeles