‘The Learning Curve’ Songs

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So as promised here are two more songs. The songs are from Majandra’s movie ‘The Learning Curve’. Enjoy!

Media Links:
– The Learning Curve > Funny Little Valentine
– The Learning Curve > Sick Jag

‘3.08 Behind The Music’ Songs

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I readded two of Majandra’s songs from Roswell to the Media Archive. I will be adding the rest in the next couple of days. Enjoy!

Media Links:
– Roswell > Only When You Go
– Roswell > Breathing On My Own

‘Fired Up’ Premiere

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I added some more pics from the ‘Fired Up’ premiere (thanks to Val). Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
– Appearances > 2009 > ‘Fired Up’ Premiere

Happy B-Day to ME & MO!

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So my b-day was on Thursday and well I got a nice present from Majandra –> She attended the ‘Fired Up’ premiere looking all kinds of gorgeous, stunning, breathtaking, amazing, fabulous (pick whichever you want)! I love that dress. The color looks beautiful on her and her legs seem endless. Also her hair looks a little bit darker than last time and it’s so pretty and shiny. LOVE IT!

I added 021 pics to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
– Appearances > 2009 > ‘Fired Up’ Premiere

Also I might be a little bit late but:

Happy Birthday Majandra!

Hope you had a great one and may all your wishes come true.

‘What Sad Day’ Caps

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Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for not updating much but RL sucks at the moment. Time is luxury for me right now. It feels like I spent all my time at work.

Anyways I finally added the ‘What Sad Day’ caps to the gallery. Majandra looks absolutely stunning in that video and I really hope that we will see some more music videos in the future. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
– Music > ‘What Sad Day’

Brand New Look

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As you can see MAD – Online has a new look and it was about time. I always loved this picture so I just had to use it. Majandra looks like and angel in it. I hope you like it just as much as I do.

Comments are appreciated :D

‘Alain Benainous’ Shoot

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So I readded the ‘Alain Benainous’ photoshoot that I had up in the gallery a couple of years ago. Credit for them goes to Mariana. Thanks a lot :D

Gallery Links:
– Music > ‘Le Prince Bleu’ Promos