‘Original Sin’ Premiere Caps

     Wed, May 6, 2009 0 »

I added caps of the ‘Original Sin’ Premiere clip to the gallery! Enjoy!

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‘Original Sin’ Premiere Clip

     Tue, May 5, 2009 0 »

Here is another clip of Majandra on the red carpet. She is being interviewed but unfortunately we can’t really hear it. But still she looks beautiful and I love that smile of hers.

‘Teen Choice Awards 2000′ Caps

     Mon, May 4, 2009 2 Comments »

Just a quick update with the caps from the TCA 2000 clip.

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– Captures > Teen Choice Awards 2000

P.S.: New layout for the main site might take a little longer because I’m busy with making a little site for ‘Pulling’. I hope you all wrote emails to ABC to show support and please please spread the word about it at your LJ, Facebook, Twitter,…
Majandra told me that her character Louise has some fantastic similarities to Miss Maria DeLuca and that she thinks that Roswell fans will enjoy it a lot. She is really proud of this pilot and said that people would flip out over it. So shameless plugging is totally allowed 😀
Also Majandra joined Twitter >> MajandraD Make sure to follow her 😀

‘BMG’s Post Grammy Party’ Interview

     Sun, May 3, 2009 0 »

I added an old clip of Majandra being interviewed at the ‘BMG’s Post Grammy Party’. I hope you enjoy!

‘Pulling’ Support

     Sat, May 2, 2009 0 »

ABC is holding it’s 2009/2010 lineup announcement on May 19th so we will know then if the show is picked up or not.
So we have a little bit over 2 weeks til then and I think we should do something to show support and that there are people interested in the show.

Val suggested that we should send emails to ABC and I think this is a good idea. Something like:

Hello, my name is [insert name] and I’m [insert age] years old. I wanted to write in and ask that you please consider putting the new Stacy Traub series Pulling on the fall schedule. This show has so much promise with such an amazing cast. Please give the Pulling fans a chance to see this show.

Thank you

Of course you can add some more things to the email. Here is the Contact Form where you can post this.

Thanks a lot

‘Teen Choice Awards 2000’ Clip

     Fri, May 1, 2009 0 »

I added a short but really cute clip of Majandra and Brendan from the TCA 2000 to the media archive. They are just posing for the cameras but it’s really adorable and it just reminded me of the good old Roswell times. I love Majandra’s and Brendan’s chemistry.

Out and About in Hollywood

     Thu, April 30, 2009 1 »

I added 010 more pics from Majandra being out and about in Hollywood. I also have a date now. The pics are from January 29, 2008. I totally adore her outfit here 😀

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