‘MDA Night Of Spirits’ Charity Party

So last night I had this really strange dream of Majandra attending an event and guess what?! Today I find new pics from a charity party Majandra attended two weeks ago. Awesome, isn’t it?
The party was hosted by Majandra’s good friend Wilmer Valderrama and we have 4 new pics. I know it’s not a lot but she looks totally gorgeous (Like a blonde Angelina if you ask me) and what totally made my day is that Michael Rosenbaum is featured in one of the pics. How awesome is that? I love him so much.

Gallery Links:
Appearances > 2008 > 07-26: MDA Night Of Spirits

Thanks to cuz

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New Looks!

As you can see we have a brand new look and this is the first time where I’m 1000% satisfied with it. I wanted to have some nice summer colors and I really hope that you enjoy it just as much as I do.
Comments are always welcome 😀

Also I changed the layout for the Media Archive. Nothing special, I just wanted a color change.
I uploaded a new video. Thanks to sanjagl!

I also made caps of it and added them to the gallery!

Gallery Links:
Captures > Red Carpet > ‘Superbad’ Premiere

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French Magazine Scans

Sorry for the lack of updates but this year is a really bad one for me. A month ago we found out that my dad has cancer. The doctors said that he should be fine after chemo, radiation and operation but it’s still tough esp for my mom!
Also I finally quit my job because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Though I already found a new one. So I guess it doesn’t all suck.

Anyways here are some great old scans from various French magazines provided by Marine. A big thanks for them!

Gallery Links:
Scans > Arkanium (unknown)
Scans > Salut (unknown)
Scans > Series Mag (various)

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