Pimp My Site

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I was quite busy the last couple of days with my new site. Take a look and let me know what you think!


Steven – Online
A fansite dedicated to multi-talented and gorgeous Steven Strait who is definitely the next big thing. Go check it out to find out more about him!

Gallery update

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I’ve started completing the whole gallery with some missing photos. Please visit our gallery to see the latest additions in the category “Public Appearances 1997”. Enjoy the old but really great goodies.

– 04 07-19: NBC Party Evening
– 05 07-19: NBC Party Day
– 01 08-07: Barmum & Bailey Variety Club Benefit
– 01 10-08: ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Premiere

‘What Sad Day’

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Majandra posted on her official board:

As you all know quarterlife is the latest.
And the latest of latest is now some TARTE action on quarterlife (so much Majandra going on in one place!)
so lookout for a scene in the oh-so-near future with me AND my music (playing hauntingly in the background….)
Yum yum yum.
Also, there is a music “majandra” on quarterlife for those of you in the wanting to be friends. (MajandraDelfino I believe it is)
Plus having the whole track to listen to, pictures documenting the actual days upon days of the production process of recording this particular song are posted as well, giving you the visual to the audio.
Hope everyone is well and all the kisses possibly drained from me floating to you as I type…
I will keep you posted as soon as anything new transpires.
Miss M

‘Quarterlife’ Caps

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I know that I promised these two days ago but I was busy with a new site. I hope you still enjoy them. Majandra looks totally gorgeous and her and Andy are so cute. I totally love them!

Gallery Links:

New Look!

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So I’m kinda on a roll here. I made another new layout. It’s brighter and I really adore those pics of Majandra. She looks like a fairy in them, hence the wings :)

I hope you like it just as much. Let me know!

I will also add new caps of ‘Quarterlife’ tomorrow and some more event pics.

New Look for Media Vault!

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So I made a brand new layout for the Media Vault (Photo Archive, Press Archive, Video Archive).

I have to say that I totally love it and that I’m really proud of myself :D I hope you enjoy it just as much!

Also you will see that the press archive is a bit different. I changed the script. I think it’s much better now. Let me know if something is not working right so I can fix it.


Media Links:
Photo Archive
Press Archive
Video Archive

‘Untraceable’ Premiere

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I added some more awesome pics of Majandra and Devon to the gallery. Majandra looks totally stunning. I’m really amazed by how gorgeous she is!

Gallery Links:
‘Untraceable’ Premiere