Colin Hank’s movie celebrates premiere!

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Majandra Delfino attended with hubby Devon Gummersall the World Premiere of Screen Gems’ and Lakeshore Entertainment’s “Untraceable” on January 22, 2008 at the Silver Screen Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

- 22 “Untraceable” Premiere (01/22)

‘Quarterlife’ Caps and Clip

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So Vanessa and Andy are going out soon which is totally awesome because I really like Andy and that could be really funny. Here are the caps:

Gallery Link:
- ‘Quarterlife’

Also you can watch the episode here:




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I didn’t know that there was a BTS video of Majandra talking about her ‘Quarterlife’ character Vanessa. I just found it and it’s really nice to hear more about the character. Check it out:


- ‘Quarterlife’
- ‘YouTube’

‘Heidi 4 Paws’

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Thanks to Val:

Elmira Siblings give voice to singing K-9s
Hansons may get big movie break


ELMIRA – The Hanson Family Singers are yodeling their way to Hollywood.

The family may be featured in a new film that takes the classic children’s novel “Heidi,” and gives it a twist.

“Heidi 4 Paws,” recreates the story using a cast of all dogs.

“I took my two obsessions, one with dogs, the other with Heidi, and put them together,” said Holly Goldberg-Sloan, director of the film.

Since childhood, she said, she’s enjoyed the story of Heidi. “It was one of my favorite books. It was the first piece of children’s literature told from the point of view of a child character.”

Goldberg-Sloan, who also wrote Disney’s “Angels in the Outfield” and directed “The Big Green,” grew up in the Willamette Valley and graduated from South Eugene High School in 1976. Continue reading …

New Project?!

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Thanks to Val:

Seems Majandra is going to be doing one of the voices in this live action movie called Heidi 4 Paws. According to IMBd the movie is completed.

It’s nice to see Majandra working with Holly Goldberg Sloan again and how cool that she’s working with Angela Lansbury.

“Heidi 4 Paws” is a live-action re-telling of Johanna Spyri’s 1880 children’s classic, “HEIDI”, but with fully mouth-articulated dogs in all of the roles. “Heidi 4 PAWS” tells the story of the young orphan (this time as seen through the eyes of a yellow lab puppy) who is sent to live with her reclusive Grandfather (in this case an old sheepdog). Just as Heidi adjusts to her new life in the mountains, she is taken away by her social worker (a scrappy beagle). Heidi finds herself living in the big city with Clara Sesehound (a cockapoo mix), who has been made an invalid after a debilitating illness. Although Heidi comes to love Clara, her quest to return to the mountains dominates her stay. In the end, she is able to reunite with her beloved Grandfather. When Clara later comes to visit, the final miracle of Heidi’s story is revealed when Clara regains her ability to walk.

Director:Holly Goldberg Sloan

Writers:Holly Goldberg Sloan
Johanna Spyri (novel)


Cast (Credited cast)

Angela Lansbury … Grandmamma (voice)
Steve Guttenberg … Sebastian (voice)
Majandra Delfino … Miss Rottenmeier (voice)
Stephen Rea … Doctor (voice)
Richard Kind … Grandfather (voice)
Marshall Bell … Mr. Sesehund (voice)
Kimberly Beck … Frau Ragaz (voice)
Joanne Baron … Detie (voice)
Meghan Strange … Heidi (voice)
Kai Vilhelmsen … Grandpaw the Narrator (voice)
Darius Anderson … Driver Dog (voice)
Daniel Hanson … Peter the Goatherd (singing voice)
Theresa Hanson … Heidi (singing voice)
John O’Campo … Male Opera Singer (singing voice)
Mike Fishburne … Mr. Usher (voice)
Crystal Barron … Female Opera Singer (singing voice

‘Kari Feinstein Winter Style Lounge’

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A big thanks to Val:

- 10 ‘Kari Feinstein Winter Style Lounge’

‘Quarterlife’ & ‘Kari Feinstein Winter Style Lounge’

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So Majandra has been out and about for the first time in 2008 and she looks absolutely gorgeous. She attended the ‘Kari Feinstein Winter Style Lounge’. I totally love her hair and make-up. Her face is perfection *sigh*
Big pics coming soon!

15279085.jpg 15279086.jpg 15279890.jpg

Also I uploaded screencaps of the latest ‘Quarterlife’ episode.

Gallery Links:
- 14 ‘Quarterlife’

You can watch the new episode here: