By my mistake I’ve unfortunately deleted the news article about her latest interview with the people from, which you can read here.

What are you working on now?
Well, as most of my pixies know, I have an album out. I am also in the midst of negotiating a show deal with a “secret network” that I’ve worked with before. Hopefully it will end up being picked up into a series so that it won’t have to be a secret anymore!

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Good, old days…

I just want to let you know that I have found many photos from the past. They are really great and I am sure some may are new for you. Enjoy them and be sure more is coming soon.

Lovely Greetz. smile

• Gallery Links:
05x ‘Patch Adams’ Premiere
01x ‘Ringmaster’ Los Angeles Premiere
03x ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’ Premiere
04x 8th Environmental Media Awards
03x Special Screening of ‘Urban Legend’
01x ‘Mercury Rising’ Premiere

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New Layout

I know I promised this a long time ago but RL is getting in the way and then I had to move my domain and that took me quite some time.

But now I’m back and I’m totally loving the new layout. I thought since Majandra is a bride to be I could make a layout with her in wedding gowns. I hope you all enjoy!

Comments always appreciated wink

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