‘The Reaping’ Premiere

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Like Marica mentioned I was actually able to find some more photos. Well, this time the quality is very mixed but the most are available in HQ. If I can find more photos you’ll definitely find them here on Mad-Online. I hope you like the pics. :smile:

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– 25x ‘The Reaping’ Premiere

‘The Reaping’ Premiere

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So we finally have new Majandra attending pics. She attended the premiere of Hilary Swank’s new movie ‘THE REAPING’ together with Devon and she looks fab. I love the jacket and the lipstick.

Only two pics in the gallery so far but Bekay might find more 😉

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– 02x ‘The Reaping’ Premiere

‘Tony Danza Show’ Caps

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As promised here is an update. I also have Roswell clips which I will upload tomorrow morning when I wake up.

Tonight I added caps of ‘THE TONY DANZA SHOW’ which you hopefully will enjoy.

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– 128x ‘1.07 C’Gar Face’
– 594x ‘1.08 Take This Job And…’


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So Majandra was so amazing to answer some fan questions. Be sure to check them out.

Also thanks to Smokie for asking this:
There is an awesome fan site called MAD Online, I wondered if you had seen it and what you thought of it and other sites dedicated to you?

And thanks to Mo for answering:
I love that site. It’s amazing. I often go to it to remember things that I don’t even remember I did! It’s so resourceful and rich with information. One of the best. I love the sites that people dedicate to me, it makes me feel very understood as if my essence is translated miles away and people truly grasp who I am.

That is the sweetest thing ever. Now I love and respect her even more!

Rest of the Q&A

Updates tonight!

Back At Work

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Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for not updating but I started working on Friday and my day off is Tuesday so no updates until then but it will be a big update, I promise. Clips, caps and more!

Thanks for being patient with me

‘Tony Danza Show’ Caps

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Here are some more caps of ‘THE TONY DANZA SHOW’. I just adore Majandra as Tina. She is too adorable.

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– 526x ‘1.06 Thanks… But No Thanksgiving’

‘Tony Danza Show’ Caps + Promos + Stills

     Sun, March 11, 2007 0 »

I thought I add some more ‘THE TONY DANZA SHOW’ stuff to the gallery. Today’s update includes caps, stills and promos. I really hope you enjoy it!

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– 11x Promos
– 02x Stills
– 41x ‘1.13 Vision Quest’
– 76x ‘1.14 Sue You’