‘Tony Danza Show’ Caps

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As promised here is an update. I also have Roswell clips which I will upload tomorrow morning when I wake up.

Tonight I added caps of ‘THE TONY DANZA SHOW’ which you hopefully will enjoy.

• Gallery Links:
– 128x ‘1.07 C’Gar Face’
– 594x ‘1.08 Take This Job And…’


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So Majandra was so amazing to answer some fan questions. Be sure to check them out.

Also thanks to Smokie for asking this:
There is an awesome fan site called MAD Online, I wondered if you had seen it and what you thought of it and other sites dedicated to you?

And thanks to Mo for answering:
I love that site. It’s amazing. I often go to it to remember things that I don’t even remember I did! It’s so resourceful and rich with information. One of the best. I love the sites that people dedicate to me, it makes me feel very understood as if my essence is translated miles away and people truly grasp who I am.

That is the sweetest thing ever. Now I love and respect her even more!

Rest of the Q&A

Updates tonight!

Back At Work

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Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for not updating but I started working on Friday and my day off is Tuesday so no updates until then but it will be a big update, I promise. Clips, caps and more!

Thanks for being patient with me

‘Tony Danza Show’ Caps

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Here are some more caps of ‘THE TONY DANZA SHOW’. I just adore Majandra as Tina. She is too adorable.

• Gallery Links
– 526x ‘1.06 Thanks… But No Thanksgiving’

‘Tony Danza Show’ Caps + Promos + Stills

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I thought I add some more ‘THE TONY DANZA SHOW’ stuff to the gallery. Today’s update includes caps, stills and promos. I really hope you enjoy it!

• Gallery Links:
– 11x Promos
– 02x Stills
– 41x ‘1.13 Vision Quest’
– 76x ‘1.14 Sue You’

New Layout

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So since I’m still in creative mood I made a new layout for the GALLERY because that was long overdue. I loved the last one but the orange/yellow was getting boring and I needed a change.

I also worked a little bit on the gallery and rearranged categories and stuff. I think it’s better now. Let me know.

‘Tony Danza Show’ Caps

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A big thanks for the comments on the new layout. I’m really happy that you like it.

So it took me some time to figure out what to add to the site. Believe it or not, even though Majandra isn’t really doing any movies or shows right now I still have tons of things to add to the site.
Well in the end I decided to make some caps of ‘The Tony Danza Show’ because Majandra is just too cute on that show. I really hope you enjoy the caps!

• Gallery Links:
– 101x ‘1.11 Marriage Made in Miami’
– 121x ‘1.12 Stringers’