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This is what Majandra wrote at her official board:

Okay so….first things first. All of you beauties need to become my friends on
Wait, let me explain…
My beautiful Husband – oops I need to go even further back….
Devon and I tied the knot October 6th of this year and yes yes I believe there will be a spread in InStyle.

If you want to read more please go here.

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Majandra on ‘Quarterlife’?

Thanks to Val

Ok, I’m not sure how true this is but according to Majandra will be in 4 episodes of Quarterlife. I’ll ask Lisa if she can find out if this is true.

Almost the entire Gummersall family is somehow involved in “quarterlife”:

Devon Gummersall (“Brian Krakow” from “My So-Called Life”) wrote episodes #4 and #5, his brother Josh Gummersall is co-producer of “quarterlife” and Devon’s wife Majandra Delfino stars in four of the 36, eight-minute episodes. Also, Greg Gummersall’s (Devon’s and Josh’s father) art is featured in numerous sets/scenes.

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Majandra Married?!

Hi everyone! I’m really sorry for not updating lately but I’m not feeling well and I have some personal issues plus there is not much going on with Majandra at the moment.

Anyways, thanks to Foofighters for sending me this little article on Majandra and Devon. It looks like they are already married but we still need confirmation from Majandra herself which hopefully will be soon.

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