‘1.05 The Bicycle Thieves’ Screencaptures

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I know I sound like a broken record but this show is getting better and better with each episode. This episode was so damn hilarious and is my current fav though I’m pretty sure that next week will totally top it.
I added 231 HD screencaptures to the gallery. Enjoy!

‘Friends With Better Lives’ Cast BTS

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I’m so in love with this cast and they are all goofs and hilarious together. Check out some BTS pics of them just being adorkable.

About a Boy star David Walton credits his wife for his success

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Actor David Walton was never quite sure what he did for a living. After all, he’d starred in several sitcoms and was viewed in Hollywood as a “romantic leading man,” but for a while he couldn’t get arrested if he panhandled on Sunset Boulevard.

“I started my part-timing right after I got ‘Cracking Up’ and that was hard because there’s this ego thing,” says Walton in the lobby lounge of a hotel here in Pasadena, California. “’I’m an actor now. I don’t need another job.’ People go, ‘What do you do for a living?’ ‘I’m an actor, a real actor. I don’t have to wait tables.’

“You say that enough because in that phase everyone says that. But what is the definition of an actor? … It was really a struggle to make a living as an actor. But I think that struggle oddly is what life’s all about, and the striving and all that stuff is important to experience, I think.”

While living in an 800 sq-ft apartment with a roommate in New York, he sold knives, catered parties and waited tables.

But the striving finally paid off 10 years later as Walton is starring in one of NBC’s brighter comedies, About a Boy, in which he plays the laidback neighbour of an uptight single mother. The comedy rolls when he begins to mentor her precocious son against her wishes — a modern take on the odd couple.

But when he was 25 Walton almost quit. “Right before 100 Questions I was training to make cold calls,” he nods.
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“God’s Pocket” Los Angeles Premiere

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Majandra and David attended the “God’s Pocket” Los Angeles Premiere last night. I adore her outfit and wanna steal that pink coat. Love it.

‘Friends With Better Lives’ Stills

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I updated the gallery with additional stills from previous episodes and stills from the next two episodes.

A big thanks to Claudia for most of them.

‘1.04 Pros and Cons’ Screencaptures

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Funniest episode so far. I’m really loving this show and the characters. I hope the ratings will be better this week. People need to realize how hilarious this show is.
I added 301 HD logoless screencaptures to the gallery. Enjoy!

Majandra on Funny Or Die

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Brooklyn Decker just can’t help being sexy all the time, and it’s becoming a real problem for her roommates.