The fanlisting has moved in!

Hey there, this is the new co-webbie posting. smile I accidentally overwrote the index page so in case you are wondering what happened to the intro above the news. Stupid me, you have to wait for Marica to fix that. Sorry.
Anyway, I just finished moving the officially approved Majandra fanlisting to I had to delete a third of the members so if you’ve been a previous member, why don’t you check if you are still listed and if not then please re-join. 135 fans of Majandra seems a little too low. wink

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For those who don´t know: Majandra has a diary on her official site where you can read what she is doing at the moment and what´s on her mind.
She posted again and you should check it out. It´s always fun to read what she is up to.

Diary Entry: Hot 

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We are back!

Hey everyone! MAD – Online is finally back from hiatus. Sorry that it took so long but you will see that it was worth the wait. The site has it´s own domain now and a brand new layout.

Also let me welcome my wonderful co-webmistress. Her name is Janine and she is just great.

Check out the gallery with a new layout and lots of new pics and caps. We are now counting about 1686 pics/caps smile

Also we have a press archive now. There are only a few articles at the moment. More to come soon.

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Let us know what you think and leave a comment.

[EDIT]You will have to register again for the gallery since all the information was lost during the move but it´s free and all you need is a valid email.[/EDIT]
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