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Welcome to MAD - Online, your 24/7 source dedicated to the talented, Alma Award winning, actress and singer Majandra Delfino for the past 14 years. You may know her from shows such as Roswell, State Of Georgia and Friends With Better Lives. She also appeared in the Academy Award winning film Traffic.

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Life As We Know It | Screencaptures (replaced) & Clip

Sorry for the lack of updates. There isn't much going on with Majandra at the moment. I will try and work on the gallery...

Happy 14th Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to MAD - Online! The site is 14, so a teenager lol It's still one of my favorite sites to work at and...

‘In Stitches – A Night Of Laughs’ Comedy Event

Majandra was out and about on Friday with David attending the 'In Stitches - A Night Of Laughs' Comedy Event. It was an event...

Arkanium | HQ Scans

I realized that I was missing the scans from Majandra's Arkanium spread from September/October 2002. This is one of my all time favorite shoots...

Web Of Lies | HD Screencaptures

I never thought I would find this movie as an HD version but I was wrong. I replaced the existing screencaptures with HD screencaptures...

Women’s Cancer Research Fund’s ‘An Unforgettable Evening’

Majandra and David were out and about last night attending the Women's Cancer Research Fund's 'An Unforgettable Evening' like last year. I love Majandra's...

Happy Birthday, Majandra!

Happy Birthday, Majandra! I hope you are having the best day and may all your wishes come true!

Life In Pieces | HD Clips

Last year, Majandra guest starred on Life In Pieces. I finally came around to add the HD clips to the video archive. Enjoy! Video Links TV...

Men Of A Certain Age | HD Clips

I'm sure some of you have never seen Majandra's guest appearance on Men Of A Certain Age. She played Stella who was involved with...