Friday, June 9, 2023
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Daddy Died

Length: 3:51
Written by: Majandra
Mixed by: Christian Dwiggins
Drawing by: Majandra
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Shifty Eyes, Shifty Eyes...

Solve the case, solve this
Couldn't go to law school yet there's practice
Chilled blood runs through
The husk we
Though I'm convinced formaldehydes the true
Fluid coursing through
Causing in you this...finitude

You come through
But it's no substitute
Of who
Once craved my sweet abuse
But I have a solid alibi
That I stand by...
The day that dear old daddy died

Dirty undies
'Cause daddy was the one who did the laundry
But my childish rage
Shows that I am not of age
When way before he was content to stay
Swallowing my hurtful wordplay
Now he's afraid of his own protege

But see, he's been mad at me
Ever since I killed baby #3
He made me act all grown up
But when he'd finish he'd shout suck your thumb...hun