Friday, June 24, 2022
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I’m Mad

Length: 3:16
Written by: Majandra
Mixed by: Christian Dwiggins
Drawing by: Majandra
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Whenever my man describes me
He don't mention coy ...
But see what imbibes inside me
Ain't really my choice ...
'Cause I'm just plain MAD

Here we float ...
Anchoring my magnum speed boat ...
How was I to know I'd be bit by my pet scorpio?

And now I'm mad ...
For you, mad
My cheeks blush maroon
My how you
Make my lips drool ... bad
Now this starved kitty cat is mad

Our hearts sail , but only till the ocean winds
Didn't know you'd go at the first glimpse of her frilly under...toe

That makes me mad ...
At you, mad
My blood boils maroon
I owe you a loaded harpoon ... stat
'Cause this brat kitty cat is MAD

The waves dilute your lies
Into useless die-a-tribe
And how well you harmonize with the current's wet thigh-high tide

Oh I'm so mad...
With you
I'm mad you big maroon
I owe you the meanest monsoon ... fast
Your fallback kitty cat is mad