Friday, June 2, 2023
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Sit and Wait

Length: 3:31
Written by: Majandra
Mixed by: Christian Dwiggins
Drawing by: Majandra
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One fall and I'm trying harder
It's all about staying on
Good call, I'm no quick learner
But all in all
Mistakes made strong
My rights from my wrongs

So I sit and wait
On this crowded freeway
But what can I say I did things my own way
And don't regret a single day...

Twice burned call me a dreamer
Thrice burned call it a ploy
I am no whining complainer
'Cause what I do might slant my view
But I won't blame you

Oh I've thought of
Taking back the
Things that seem imprudent
But time travel
Might unravel
What my slips have proven