Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Still Not Over This

Length: 3:20
Written by: Majandra
Mixed by: Christian Dwiggins
Drawing by: Majandra
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Remember the things that we went through?
Silly me and you ...
The youth on the young is wasted fun
How that was true for me and you
But still... our big thrill
Left me so damn unfulfilled

Oh the things we risked
Me and my nemesis
The altruist, antithesis ...
Whose grip slit my pretty wrists
Leaving me in fits
Still not over this

I'm used to three hundred twenty two
Because of you
And although our feelings now are few
Your father keeps disowning you
But must self-distrust ...
Always lead me back to us?

Back in the day of oblivion
I could not quite get past the turn on
But these days I'm aware of the loaded gun
You've always had your ring finger on ...