Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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The Places You’ll Go

Length: 4:13
Written by: Majandra
Mixed by: Christian Dwiggins
Drawing by: Majandra
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Here I am, paralyzed with fright
In the waiting place, bolted upright
See I can't face the day nor sleep in the night
Flying with all the wrong birds
At a break neck steep flight

But at the bend
Hold fast to what he read ...

Baby, Things will surely happen
Oh kid, don't you know you'll move mountains
Just be slow, be footsy and know
Oh...the places you'll go.

These lonely games you're playing not particularly well
S'impossible to win when you play against yourself
Don't stumble through the hard parts and especially don't look back
Just keep your focus fiseed cuz life is one big balancing act

So instead
I stair straight ahead ...

Caught in a perch and I'm here in a lurch
Climbing down to find nothing but houses
Some blacked out windows some eerily lit
Either way, nothing quite friendly about this
I hear, girl keep on going
Be waterproof
Weak from scouring hope
When the dreams are in you ...