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Here you will find all you need to know about Majandra's music, her albums, songs she has written and those she performed on television shows and movies and more.
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Majandra released two albums. All the songs are written by her. She produced the albums herself via her record company Red Velvet Cake Records and she even painted and drew the booklets herself.


Majandra had the opporturnity to collaborate with French singer RoBERT. They redid RoBERT's song Le Prince Bleu and made a new version out of it.

On Screen

Majandra was lucky enough to sing in several projects of hers. Some songs were covers. Some songs were her own.

The Secret Life Of Girls

The Learning Curve



During her concerts Majandra covered a couple of songs by some of her favorite artists and introduced fans to new songs that were never released.
  1. Heaven Sent
  2. Hermes Purse
  3. Karma
  4. Mary (cover)
  5. Northern Lad (cover)
  6. Pop Crack