Genre: Comedy, Crime, Horror
Running Time: 1h 40min
Release Date: 15 January 2002 (USA)
Director: Mark Anthony Galluzzo
Screenplay: Mark Anthony Galluzzo
Cast: Jason Mewes, Glenn Quinn, Rick Otto, Nora Zehetner, Brandi Andres, Jonathan Banks, Daniel Joseph, …

Philosophy student Nick Collier (Rick Otto) and his friends have just graduated from college, but before the working world grabs hold and scatters them all different ways, good ole´Nick wants to have one last sha-bang. The party is a smashing success. In fact, the celebration soon become so successful that Nick decides he doesn´t want it to end ever. For as far as our sentimental host is concerned, there is still one last way for everyone to stay very close together – well of course that is as long as they´re all dead.

Thus with grace and skill Nick carefully proceeds to immortalize his good pals one by one. In fact ole´Nicky is so good, none of his guests even realize what´s befallen their fellow party-goers, until their time too, has come. As the night wears on and the guests dwindle, the audience to this twisted Hitchcockian tale is left guessing … who´s next? And more importantly how, where, and oh yeah … why?


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