Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Running Time: 1h 39min
Release Date: 7 March 2003 (USA)
Director: Christian Otjen
Screenplay: Christian Otjen, Jerry Holway
Cast: Brad Hunt, Brian Wimmer, Missy Crider, Mark Hamill, Sally Struthers, Angela Featherstone, …

An intimate look at small town life, Reeseville is a darkly layered story where the characters’ associations run deep. David Meyers (Brad Hunt) returns to his Wisconsin hometown, haunted by his mother’s death during childbirth. Upon his arrival, he is then confronted with the harsh reality that his father, John Meyers (Cotter Smith), has committed suicide.

While trying to deal with his father’s death, the past returns to David in vivid details. He becomes pre-occupied with sorting out his relationship with his parents and his place in his own history. His sense of revenge overrides his feelings of guilt as he searches for a place to lay the blame.

Jason Buchanan (Brian Wimmer), the town sheriff and David’s nemesis, finds John’s body hanging in the farmhouse. Zeek Oakman (Mark Hamill), the town coroner comes to take the body away but is suspicious of the suicide. Why are there more than rope marks on the neck of the body? Where are the boots that left mud on the chair? All fingers point in David’s direction.

Around town, David is considered a shifty and mysterious character. He has caught the eye of both Jason’s sister Iris, (Majandra Delfino) and her best friend Athee (Missy Crider). Because Athee has her sights set on Jason, she encourages Iris to pursue the handsome stranger. David and Iris have a rocky beginning but ultimately grow closer as they share shocking secrets about their past.

While David and Iris’s relationship is heating up, Jason is completely unresponsive to Athee’s advances. Athee, in an attempt to move the situation forward, decides to take the bull by the horns. She comes on strongly, which results in the unleashing of Jason’s buried rage. In the end, Athee pays the ultimate price for his shortcomings.

Unlike David, who has challenged the demons of his past, Jason has fully revealed his evil self. His temper has given out to full-fledged rage and his real nature and purpose are uncovered in a final encounter at the farmhouse. The small town at once looms large as all the characters are exposed in a simple twist of fate.

Iris Buchanan

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