The Learning Curve

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Running Time: 1h 53min
Release Date: 5 October 2001 (USA)
Director: Eric Schwab
Screenplay: Eric Schwab
Cast: Carmine Giovinazzo, Monet Mazur, Vincent Ventresca, James Eckhouse, Steven Bauer, …

When Georgia (Monet Mazur), a young and beautiful woman who likes to flirt with men, is sexually harassed in the park by a man she picked up in a bar,
Paul Cleveland (Carmine Giovinazzo) hears her screams as he’s walking by and comes to her rescue. Georgia’s attacker throws a handful of money at the
two and begs them not to call the police.

Thus starts the emotionally charged romantic thriller ‘The Learning Curve’, a story of two slackers who become obsessive lovers looking for quick cash and a life of excitement in the neon-lit underworld of Los Angeles. Making some fast money worked once, so they figure it can work again, especially if they plan some well-staged scams.

Their scheme works a few times, but their luck runs out when they attempt to shake down the wrong person in a staged car accident. Marshal (Vincent Ventresca), a slick, successful record producer, makes an even more substantial living intimidating and strong-arming others. Paul talks his way into Marshal’s organization and he and Georgia go to work for him but soon get in way over their heads.

Marshal proceeds to teach Georgia and Paul to use their obsessive drives on bigger, bolder crimes. Marshal’s world is a world of con games, vice and blackmail. Desperate to build a high profile entertainment complex, he uses Georgia and Paul to entrap three city council members who are reluctant to give his project their votes.

Georgia slowly realizes the dangerous path they are headed down and wants out. Paul, on the other hand, is intoxicated by Marshal’s lifestyle and will do anything he
wishes, even committing arson and assault. Paul’s new-found harshness distresses Georgia and she decides to leave after the next deal. But that’s when things start to completely unravel. The councilmen are even more corrupt and ambitious than the trio and have the FBI waiting to trap Marshal during the payoff.

After the FBI raids Marshal’s nightclub, he and Paul escape into the empty L.A. subway system where a thrilling and suspenseful chase ensues under the city’s streets. Paul is headed down the path he chose and faces a deadly confrontation, while Georgia makes a decision that is wise beyond her years; a decision that leads her on the path to redemption.

‘The Learning Curve’ is a tragic tale of love and greed, sex and money, crime and corruption, the moral choices people make in life and the consequences that come withthem.

Ashley Nolan

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