The Secret Life Of Girls

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 1h 30min
Release Date: 29 May 1999 (USA)
Director: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Screenplay: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Cast: Linda Hamilton, Eugene Levy, Meagan Good, Kate Vernon, Aeryk Egan, Andrew Ducote, Keith Bogart, …

It’s 1973, and fifteen year old Natalie (Majandra Delfino) and her best friend, Kay (Meagan Good), are teenagers in a confusing time. Natalies’ mother, Ruby (Linda Hamilton), is a frustrated stay-at-home mom who goes from one eccentric home renovation project to another. Her father, Hugh (Eugene Levy), is a psychology professor-a man dedicated to studying human nature but with no knowledge or insight into the human condition. Her brother, Jim (Aeryk Egan), is a sixteen year old deadhead. And her little brother, Andy (Andrew Ducote), is a sweet oddity.

Held together by the same last name and a shared individualism, they come apart when Ruby reveals to Natalie that her father, Hugh, is sleeping with one of his students. After Natalie confronts her father on campus, she takes refuge in the university library where she meets Theo (Keith Bogart), a cute college student. Later, when she tells her best friend Kay about the family scandal, Kay is more interested in the cute college guy.

Secrets are revealed. Hugh spills the beans–Ruby was pregnant with Jim when they married. Ruby kicks Hugh out of the house. He was going anyway.

The following week, Natalie and Kay are at the University and spot the cute college student, Theo. They trail him for the afternoon, and Kay’s now in love. Later, Hugh, also in love and newly transformed in appearance, announces that they will have to sell the family house.

Ruby, obsessed with the student Hugh is having an affair with, takes Natalie and Kay to the campus on a fact finding mission. They are able to obtain the college student’s transcript. Unfortunately, it does not comfort Ruby. The record reveals straight “A’s”.

Ruby’s beloved family home is now for sale—and a red-neck junk dealer is interested.

Kay and Natalie, at Kay’s urging, stalk Theo’s frat house. They end up at a frat party, and when Natalie wants to leave, the two girls fight. Natalie seeks refuge upstairs in he frat and gets in way over her head with another frat brother, Kay ends up calling Jim for help and he arrives just in time to rescue Natalie in the middle of a sexual assault. The whole family is reunited at the Campus Police Station where Jim now takes charge, his deadhead days are over.

Weeks later, the family home is now sold, and a garage sale takes place. Hugh is distressed to see what were his once valued possessions being carted off for next to nothing. He and Ruby have it out, and are joined by the kids and a plain woman, with two small children, who turns out to be the student Hugh is having the affair with. Luckily, Ruby doesn’t brain her with her hammer.

Ruby takes some comfort in now knowing that Hugh isn’t with a Rockette, and that he will once again be living in a house with small children.

Natalie and Kay make a pact to stay close friends forever.

Natalie Sanford

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