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Zeus and Roxanne

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Role: Judith Dunhill
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: January 24, 1997 (USA)
Running Time: 1h 38min
Directed by: George Miller
Written by: Tom Benedek
Produced by: Ludi Boeken, Frank Price, Gene Rosow
Cast: Steve Guttenberg, Kathleen Quinlan, Arnold Vosloo, Dawn McMillan, Miko Hughes, Majandra Delfino, Jessica Howell, …
This children’s story of a dog and a dolphin borrows heavily from family movies of the past. Zeus is a dog who follows a neighbor, a marine biologist named Mary Beth (Kathleen Quinlan), to work one day. Aboard a ship, the dog meets Roxanne, a dolphin that Mary Beth is studying. When she sees the dog riding on the dolphin’s back, she decides to study their friendship.

A villainous fellow researcher, Claude (Arnold Vosloo), tries to steal her research, but he is thwarted by the dolphin, the dog, and the dog’s young owner, Jordan (Miko Hughes).

Terry (Steve Guttenberg), Jordan’s father, is a songwriter who still pines for his dead wife.

Jordan, together with Mary Beth’s daughters (Majandra Delfino, Jessica Howell), try to ignite a romance between their parents, who are both unattached.


Judith is Mary Beth's daughter. She has a little sister named Nora. Judith is like any teenage girl, she wants to enjoy her summer doing fun stuff with her friends and sister. Though it does sometimes get her in trouble with her mom and even the police. Judith and her sister are really close and stick together no matter what. Judith loves her mom and wants her to be happy. So much, that she and Nora decide to set her up with Terry.

Production & Reception

The film was shot in 1996 in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.

ZEUS AND ROXANNE grossed $7.2 million in the United States and ranked #10 at the box office.

Critical reception to the film was mixed. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 50% of critics gave it a positive review (out of eight reviews) with an average rating of 4.4/10.

HBO Home Video released ZEUS AND ROXANNE on DVD on May 21, 1997.


Majandra and Miko Hughes also starred together in a couple of episodes of "Roswell".
This was Majandra's very first role.