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  • Majandra Delfino & Samantha Gibb “ANGEL OF MERCY”

    Majandra just confirmed on twitter that this is indeed her and Samantha.

  • Majandra on Online Radio

    Majandra just twittered some great news: First track from my last album TARTE will be playing on WomensRadio Independent starting rrrrright now. Woop woop!!

  • 2002 Paris Concert

    Hi everyone! Again thanks for all the nice comments on the layout and the anniversary. I really appreciate all the support and you guys are awesome. I know I haven’t updated in a while but only because I planned my trip to Prague where I got to meet Allison Mack who next to Majandra is […]

  • ‘North’ mp3

    Hi everyone! I really hope you enjoy this update. It’s a song that was recorded for Roswell but never used (what a shame). It’s so beautiful. Majandra sounds amazing! You can find the lyrics here: North Also as you can see some of the lines are missing so if you can make them out please […]

  • ‘The Learning Curve’ Songs

    So as promised here are two more songs. The songs are from Majandra’s movie ‘The Learning Curve’. Enjoy! Media Links: [wp-svg-icons icon=”link” wrap=”b”] The Learning Curve > Funny Little Valentine [wp-svg-icons icon=”link” wrap=”b”] The Learning Curve > Sick Jag

  • ‘3.08 Behind The Music’ Songs

    I readded two of Majandra’s songs from Roswell to the Media Archive. I will be adding the rest in the next couple of days. Enjoy! Media Links: [wp-svg-icons icon=”link” wrap=”b”] Roswell > Only When You Go [wp-svg-icons icon=”link” wrap=”b”] Roswell > Breathing On My Own

  • ‘Alain Benainous’ Shoot

    So I readded the ‘Alain Benainous’ photoshoot that I had up in the gallery a couple of years ago. Credit for them goes to Mariana. Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ˜€ Gallery Links: [wp-svg-icons icon=”link” wrap=”b”] Music > ‘Le Prince Bleu’ Promos

  • Mental Nomad Podcast

    Thanks to Keri for this info Majandra will appear on future airings of the Mental Nomad Podcast. Majandra Delfino first caught my eye, as I’m sure she first caught the eye of many of her fans, playing Maria Deluca on the science fiction series Roswell a few years back. And it was there I first […]

  • Big Surprise!

    Hey everyone! So Majandra has a huge surprise for you and I’m sure that you are going to love it just as much as I do. I wont tell what it is but check out her official site and find out. Also thanks to ToM for letting me know ๐Ÿ˜€ FOLLOW ME Plus I added […]

  • ‘Le Prince Bleu’ Interviews

    A huge thanks to caty for this ๐Ÿ˜€ Media Links: [wp-svg-icons icon=”link” wrap=”b”] Music Videos

  • ‘What Sad Day’

    Majandra posted on her official board: Beauties, As you all know quarterlife is the latest. And the latest of latest is now some TARTE action on quarterlife (so much Majandra going on in one place!) so lookout for a scene in the oh-so-near future with me AND my music (playing hauntingly in the background….) Yum […]

  • LA Concert 2005

    So now It’s my turn. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I want to share with you those wonderful pictures of Majandra. I hope you like the pictures so much, like I do • 14x Los Angeles Concert 2005 Lovely Greetz.

  • Event pics

    I hope you are all enjoying Xmas with your family and friends and that the presents were nice ๐Ÿ˜‰ I uploaded a couple of old new event photos. I hope you like them! 19x Live Performance at The Knitting Factory 9x Launch of Marciano hosted by Vanity Fair 7x Showtime Presents The Premiere Screening Of […]

  • Concert & Event-Pics

    SO that is my turn. And I’v upload some pictures from Majandras concert at The Knitting Factory, also pictures from the event: Rose’s Cocktail Infusions Launch Party 35x Live Performance at The Knitting Factory 15x Rose’s Cocktail Infusions Launch Party Lovely Greetz

  • We are back!

    MAD – Online is finally back from Hiatus. I worked like crazy on the site to get everything up. I revamped the whole site and also made a new layout as you can see which Iยดm in love with because Majandra looks so awesome in it. ICONS I added new icons made by me to […]