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  • ‘What Sad Day’

    Majandra posted on her official board: Beauties, As you all know quarterlife is the latest. And the latest of latest is now some TARTE action on quarterlife (so much Majandra going on in one place!) so lookout for a scene in the oh-so-near future with me AND my music (playing hauntingly in the background….) Yum…

  • What a relief!

    Majandra posted again thanking everyone 🙂 I am so thankful to the person on MySpace who so boldly came forward and admitted that they were impersonating me and letting down lots of people. Thank you for coming forward and correcting that unfortunate situation. More here Isn´t she awesome 😉

  • ‘Identity Theft sucks’

    Majandra updated her diary again. So my lovely dearest ToM notified me with the most disturbing e-mail of someone on “” pretending to be me. What’s so upseting is the people that are believing I would post myself on mySpace and responding to the site and giving honest and wonderful posts regarding my music and…

  • Hot

    For those who don´t know: Majandra has a diary on her official site where you can read what she is doing at the moment and what´s on her mind. She posted again and you should check it out. It´s always fun to read what she is up to. Diary Entry: Hot