Friday, September 30, 2022

‘TV Guide Magazine’ Shoot

Majandra and the cast of 'Friends With Better Lives' did a shoot for 'TV Guide Magazine'. A bts clip was released and hopefully the...

‘Friends With Better Lives’ Sneak Peeks

[youtube] [youtube]

Friend With Better Lives: A Different Kind of Show


‘Friends With Better Lives’ Interview Promos

I'm so freakin excited. Majandra will be back on our screens in less than two weeks. Check out those new promos/interviews where the cast...

‘Friends With Better Lives’ Promos

[youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

‘Friends with Better Lives’ Behind the Scenes

CBS released a BTS clip from Majandra's upcoming show 'Friends with Better Lives'. The cast and creators talk about the show and we get...

Majandra arrives at 2014 Spirit Awards


‘Friends With Better Lives’ Promo

Finally a promo for Majandra's new show 'Friends With Better Lives'. It looks so good. So excited to have her back on my screen. [youtube...

New Video Archive

As you can see the site has a new video archive. There are still a lot of clips to be added from the old...

Majandra & Raven @ am northwest

AM Northwest talked to Majandra and Raven about their new sitcom "State Of Georgia". Check out the interview below. [youtube]