Happy B-Day to ME & MO!

So my b-day was on Thursday and well I got a nice present from Majandra –> She attended the ‘Fired Up’ premiere looking all kinds of gorgeous, stunning, breathtaking, amazing, fabulous (pick whichever you want)! I love that dress. The color looks beautiful on her and her legs seem endless. Also her hair looks a little bit darker than last time and it’s so pretty and shiny. LOVE IT!

I added 021 pics to the gallery.

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Also I might be a little bit late but:

Happy Birthday Majandra!

Hope you had a great one and may all your wishes come true.



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4 responses to “Happy B-Day to ME & MO!”

  1. smokie Avatar

    Yep…Happy Belated 28th Majandra!!!! Hope you had a ball xxx

  2. smokie Avatar

    Belated Birthday Wishes Marica, hope you had a lovely birthday and that rl is getting better for you x

    Pow!!! Angelina who?? Seriously I am loving Majandra in these pics, her whole look is just effortlessly sexy and chic. Love her hair this shade it suits her, she doesn’t look so washed out iykwim. That guy has the ‘Fehr’ look about him or is it just me?? Won’t comment on their status just glad to see her looking happy and getting out and about.

  3. laura Avatar

    She looks great, but what’s up with the shoes? It’s kind of like they’re mary janes but not buckled.

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