So I´m finally back with new layouts for the main site, gallery, press archive and the fanlisting. I really hope you enjoy it.

I changed the whole look of the site and reorganized a couple of things. I hope it´s easy for you to navigate. For me it definitely is.

I checked everything and it should work but in case there is a broken link or a picture is not showing please let me know.

I didn’t add anything new as you will see but I will add new videos and pictures soon. I promise. I need to go through my HD. I still have tons of stuff and I will start adding Roswell clips soon.

I took down the ‘The Tony Danza Show’ and ‘Celeste In The City’ clips. I will add them again but I need to redo them first.

Well I guess that’s it for now. I really hope you enjoy everything and I would be really happy about comments on everything.


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