Check out this amazing interview by Andrew Cristi with Majandra and Brendan about Baron+Toluca. I’m very excited to see this show come to life. WE can do it.

Let’s first talk about what inspired you two to join forces again and how Baron And Toluca came about? Although this is a major reunion for the two of you and does bring back several of the Roswell elements that people enjoyed, it’s not a reboot or a sequel. What is the plot, and what can fans expect?

MAJANDRA DELFINO: Basically, what happened was that I had this idea that I could not shake, and it essentially involved a very meta-take on the lives of people that had been in Michael and Maria’s situation. I had written a pilot and I just couldn’t shake the thing. I had an option deal elsewhere, but I had this thing that just loomed and I couldn’t really ignore it. So, I finally approached this very huge player in the Roswell family- who will remain nameless for now- and I asked him to read it and tell me whether or not I was crazy, or if I had something substantial. And he read it and loved it and said that this is really cool, and really special and could capture what people liked so much- while still really being something completely different on its own. And he also said that the TV landscape needs something like this because there is nothing out there specifically representing science fiction as it was in the 90’s- now it has become this whole other thing of superheroes, etc. And there is something really nice about going back to what it was that Roswell represented for people. So, I worked on it with this man and sharpened it up to have it be ready and worthy, not just for the fans, but for Brendan- and just as I was getting close to putting the cherry on top and finishing, low and behold I get a call from Brendan and… [looks to Brendan to take the story] Brendan, this is where you take over the story.

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