Alana Chirino

… is one of Majandra’s oldest and dearest friends. They used to be in a band together when they were little. It was called ‘China Doll’.

‘Alana, your friggin’ voice is beyond words. It has been an inspiration since age 11. Seriously.’


… is another old friend of Majandra’s who has been a great influence on her.

‘You’ve always talked me off the ledge (in the right direction of course… heh) and and your unwavering faith in my strange hobbies has really kept me afloat. I don’t know how you do it. You’re a strong mo-fo. And as sane as you are you never make me feel like I’m crazy. Never. That is a whole other kind of strength. Thank you. For everything then and everything still.’

Andrew Keegan

… is friends with both Majandra and her sister Marieh and has been seen on several occasions hanging out with the girls.

Anthony Rodriguez

… is her former producer and boyfriend. They produced her first album ‘The Sicks’ together.

‘My idea of the perfect Sunday is going and working on my music with my way too sexy producer Anthony and coming home quite conceited from the fabulous sessions.’

Brendan Fehr

… and Majandra used to date while together on ‘Roswell’. They still remain close friends and even shared custody for their pekenese dogs Wednesday and Wolfman. Majandra was the one to introduce Brendan to his wife Jennifer.

It is a joy to work with him. I am his mom and he is my dad, we are brother and sister and we are best friends, we are everything and its just the ultimate relationship of pure unconditional love. Its pretty great BECAUSE of our history together. I have never had a love like this before, neither has he so…

Katherine Heigl

… has been one of Majandra’s best friends since ‘Roswell’. They used to hang out a lot on the set and even though the show has been gone for a couple of years now they still remain close friends and hang out with each other every now and then.

‘Katherine and I are best friends!’ [ Between scenes. Majandra Delfino and Katherine Heigl are sitting in a booth at the Crashdown, finishing each other’s sentences. ]

Leelee Sobieski

… and Majandra have been friends for a long time. They have been seen hanging out at parties and premieres.

Nick Wechsler

… is another friend from Majandra’s ‘Roswell’ days and one of her favorite persons in the world.

‘Nick is just the one that everyone loves. He’s so much fun to be around; everybody wants a piece of him. He can just sit there and everybody goes and, like, kisses the ring.’

Nora Zehetner

… is a good friend of Majandra who also starred with her in ‘R.S.V.P.’. They have each others Chinese zodiac signs tattooed on the foot.

‘I shared my birthday party with my good friend Nora, so we two were the Fairy Princesses of the ball.’

Paul Shugerman

… is one of her best male friends.

Samantha Gibb

… and Majandra used to be in the band ‘China Doll’ with each other. Back then she was her best friend.

‘She and I are best of friends. She’s like my sister.’


… was Majandra’s very first boyfriend.

‘I must say that I was attracted to my boyfriend because of the way he looked. I saw him in school and thought he was cute. In general, I must say I like people because of their personality. If my boyfriend didn’t have the personality he had, he would have been gone.’

Wilmer Valderrama

… is a very good friend and rumored ex-boyfriend. They still keep in touch and hang out at parties with each other.


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