Her favorite colors are: deep deep purple, moss green and chocolate brown.
She loves Sushi.
Her favorite characters from ‘Six Feet Under’ are Ruth and Claire.
She is a fan of Portishead, Björk, The Beatles and Nine Inch Nails.
She lied about her age while auditioning for ‘Roswell’.
She used to be a huge ‘My So-Called Life’ fan.
She was married to her ‘Roswell’ co-star Devon Gummersall.
Her favorite Beatle is John.
Her favorite actor is Johnny Depp.
Her favorite director is Tim Burton.
She used to have a strange fascination with Shannen Doherty during S1 of ‘Charmed’.
Is half-Venezuelan and half-Cuban.
Lost out to Mena Suvari in American Beauty (1999).
In the summer of 2000 she released three songs onto the internet: “Siren”, “Bruises” and “Tattoo”. She wrote and produced them in association with “Sci-Fi Lullaby”.
October 31, 2001: Released her debut album, entitled “The Sicks”. Inspired by Björk and Portishead.
Was nicknamed Majandra because her sister could not say her real name.
Attended New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida.


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