Big Surprise!

Hey everyone!

So Majandra has a huge surprise for you and I’m sure that you are going to love it just as much as I do. I wont tell what it is but check out her official site and find out. Also thanks to ToM for letting me know 😀


Plus I added a new pic from the Cheyenne Ellis photoshoot to the gallery and Majandra looks just stunning in it. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
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7 responses to “Big Surprise!”

  1. Smokie Avatar

    Woop woop!!!! We have a bit of a drought and along comes the rain…and how!!! Love the video, it fits the mood of the song really well, all moody and sexy like. Bit concerned that Devon’s pics seem to have gone from the site but there are some great new ones of Majandra. Wow…she is some serious competition for Angelina in those Cheyenne Ellis shoots….stunning!!!

  2. Marica Avatar

    Totally agree. Majandra looks stunning in that video. I love it!

  3. Marie Avatar

    The video is amazing. Its so artistic and totally Majandra. I also love that new picture. It is probably my favorite. Her eyes are so beautiful!!

  4. Stephanie Avatar

    Oh my… I have to wait few hours before watching it… I’m so excited! The new pic is just amazing *wow…* thank you for the news and thank you Majandra!

  5. Caro Avatar

    WOW!!! What a nice surprise! She looks so stunning!!

  6. Marica Avatar

    I’m glad that you all enjoy it. It was totally unexpected 😀

  7. Marine Avatar

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    Thanks for let us know!!

    Majandra is amazing…LOVE HER!!!! I’m in love with her voice!!!

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