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Heidi 4 Paws: A Furry Tale
APT FEED DATE: Sunday, November 23, 2008, 12:00 NOON ET

Heidi 4 Paws brings to life the classic children’s story of Heidi but with a twist. In the tradition of Wishbone, Babe and Charlotte’s Web, this movie uses animals as actors! Filmed in HD, all sixteen dogs are mouth articulated using computer-generated images. The dogs are in costume, with wigs, hats, and in many cases eyeglasses and even shoes. To view a trailer of the program, please visit www.4paws.tv. Heidi 4 Paws is the perfect addition to your Children’s programming schedule over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend as well as during the month of December!


I also uploaded the trailer to the media archive and it looks really cute. There is no Majandra but it’s still worth watching.

For Immediate Release
October 20, 2008


National public television special brings the classic children’s story of HEIDI to life – with a twist National Feed Date: Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 12:00 pm. (ET) (check local listings)

Chicago, IL – WTTW National Productions is proud to announce the premiere of HEIDI 4 PAWS: A FURRY TALE. This one-hour television special is sure to delight family members of all ages as it re-tells the classic children’s story of Heidi featuring adorable dogs in all the roles! Written originally by Johanna Spyri in 1881, this all-time classic has been translated into over 70 languages. Now, in the tradition of Wishbone, Babe and Charlotte’s Web, audiences can enjoy a new version of this timeless masterpiece! HEIDI 4 PAWS: A FURRY TALE will feed to public television stations nationwide on Sunday, November 23 at 12:00 p.m. (ET) (check local listings).

Combining the love of animals with cutting-edge special effects, this entertaining children’s story achieves an emotional depth unprecedented in the “talking animal” genre. Featuring a talented team of sixteen dogs, HEIDI 4 PAWS: A FURRY TALE is filmed in high definition and comes to life as the dogs are “mouth-articulated” with state-of-the-art 3D computer animation. Shot in live-action with panoramic backgrounds, each scene features real dogs in character costumes including wigs, hats, and in many cases eyeglasses and even shoes.

An impressive list of well-known actors lend their voices to characters including Angela Lansbury who portrays Grandmamma Sesehund; Stephen Rea as the kindly Doctor; Julian Sands as Peter the Goat herder; and Steve Guttenberg as Sebastian the butler.

HEIDI 4 PAWS: A FURRY TALE begins as the young orphan, Heidi (in this case, an adorable yellow lab puppy) is taken to the mountains by Detie, the social worker (a feisty beagle) to live with her Grandfather (voiced by Richard Kind, portrayed physically by an elderly sheepdog)who is reluctant to accept her. But with time, Heidi falls in love with her Grandfather, his goats, and Peter the goat herder (voiced by Julian Sands, played by a greyhound mix). When Detie secretly returns and takes Heidi away to the big city, they are all powerless to stop her. Placed in a family with a young invalid named Clara (voiced by Kimberly Beck Clark and portrayed by a poodle-mix), Heidi learns how to read, the true value of deep friendship and the importance of family. After a calamity of sleepwalking puts Heidi and the family in danger, she is allowed to go back home to the mountains. Joyously reunited with her Grandfather, Heidi asks for Clara to come visit. When Clara’s Grandmother (Angela Lansbury) makes the trip with Clara at her side, a heartwarming reunion brings both families together. The final miracle of the story occurs when Clara regains the ability to walk in a scene which highlights why this unique version of Heidi is destined to be a classic in its own right.

HEIDI 4 PAWS: A FURRY TALE is written and directed by family film creator Holly Goldberg Sloan (writer of the movies Angels in the Outfield, The Big Green, Made in America and The Crocodile Hunter Movie). It is presented by WTTW National Productions and distributed by American Public Television. HEIDI 4 PAWS: A FURRY TALE is sponsored by VCA Animal Hospitals; The Aquarium of the Bay/San Francisco; Tails and Company; and My Gym.

About 4 Paws Entertainment
4 PAWS ENTERTAINMENT LLC is introducing a unique brand of entertainment that will appeal to all members of the family, right down to the family dog. Led by writer-director Holly Goldberg Sloan, an established name in family entertainment, the 4 PAWS founders have taken the special connection we share with our canine friends and have invented an exciting and unique family entertainment franchise.

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  1. Kredit Avatar

    Wunderschöner Artikel. Danke. Merci 🙂

  2. Linda Dunham Avatar
    Linda Dunham

    Saw “Heidi 4 Paws A Furry Tale” on TV a few days ago! VERY well done! Cannot wait to see “Frankenstein” as we have Danes! Am sure the entire series will be great!

    PLEASE tell me how I can purchase copies of “Heidi”! Thank you.

    Linda Dunham

  3. Cyndi Avatar

    I LOVED this film. I will definitely buy it when it comes out! I wished I’d recorded it when it came on… my son was asleep when it aired (11 pm or midnight!) so only the dog and I got to view it.

  4. Kathy Avatar

    We really enjoyed watching the movie and would like to know when it will play again. We didn’t see it from the beginning, but what we saw we liked. I would like my children and grandchildren to see it.

  5. Frank Alexander Avatar
    Frank Alexander

    Does anyone know when the DVD release is for Heidi 4 Paws or where I can get a copy of it? Thank you.

  6. Jay rogers Avatar

    It is funny how trailers to movies sometimes make the movie a heck of alot better than it would be. Any other good ones coming out this summer?

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