I really hope they go with the naughty version.

Pulling: the bawdy BBC3 show is being made into a pilot by ABC

Monkey was surprised when US network ABC confirmed it was making a pilot of raunchy BBC3 comedy Pulling. After all, the bawdy show about three single women is full of sex, drinking and swearing – hardly primetime US network territory. But Monkey hears ABC has actually made two versions of the show for its pilot – one with all the naughty stuff and one a bit cleaner. Monkey knows which one would be best but is guessing it may not be the one that ends up on air.

Thanks to Val


  1. Me too, it’s the only way to go with this show. Watched a couple of the BBC episodes when they aired and it brought the naughties and the lol’s. I think Majandra will be great in this role, she does quirky so well 🙂


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