Majandra Delfino has departed ABC’s comedy pilot Keep Calm And Karey On, from writer/executive producer Andrea Abbate, 20th Century Fox TV and 21 Laps/Adelstein. The project centers on Karey (Kelly Preston), the clean-nosed black sheep in a family of petty thieves, drug addicts, and narcissists. When her brother is sent to prison, she decides to raise his kids along with her adopted black son and give them the normal lives they deserve. Delfino was to play Kaerey’s sister Penny. Delfino is the third actress on an ABC comedy pilot to depart in the final stages of casting this season, joining Mercedes Masohn from Mixology and Mandy Moore from Pulling. In all three cases, the actresses were among the first hired in the projects, and, with casts coming together, the dynamic on the shows and some of the characters changed, leading to the exits. For instance, Delfino was cast long before Preston, who is older than the Karey character was originally envisioned and two decades older than Delfino.

Source: Deadline


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