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Majandra will appear on future airings of the Mental Nomad Podcast.

Majandra Delfino first caught my eye, as I’m sure she first caught the eye of many of her fans, playing Maria Deluca on the science fiction series Roswell a few years back. And it was there I first heard her sing, too: a haunting a cappela rendition of “Amazing Grace” at the funeral for a beloved character.

She’s put out two albums, both of which are available on iTunes and as MP3 downloads from Amazon. I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve talked with her current record label about featuring some tracks from her second album, Tarte, in the new year. (Her first album, The Sicks, is more of an EP, actually, but also worth checking out.)

You’ll be hearing from her in the shows proper come 2009 — both on the Mental Nomad Podcast and in a Florida episode of Pod Across America — but in the meantime, check out this clip for a song off the Tarte album.


“American” music is an incredibly diverse thing, as America itself is an incredibly and increasingly diverse place. Future Pod Across America episodes will include Manze Dayila (a Haitian-born singer living in New York) and Majandra Delfino (an actress-slash-singer who was born in Venezuela but whose grandfather was an American sailor who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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