So Majandra twittered the title of her newest movie and I couldn’t be more existed because she will be working with Katherine Heigl again which I wanted for so long and now it is finally happening.

‘Life As We Know it’ is a movie directed by Greg Berlanti. It’s starring Katherine, Josh Duhamel, Christina Hendricks and Josh Lucas. Also Katherine and her mom Nancy are executive producers.

I’m so thrilled about this.

@meg_jrkbm shooting Life As We Know It. Good times. Can’t wait to go back.


  1. Yeah I wonder too. I hope it’s a little bit bigger and I hope that when the movie comes out we get tons of pics of Mo and Katie at the premiere and stuff. I would love that so very much.

  2. This news is so awesome! I would love if she played her best friend or something! I hope there are lots of onset pics and stuff too, since a premiere and the actual movie would be so far away.

  3. As far as I know Christina is playing her best friend so who knows maybe Majandra is her sister or co-worker or she is actually involved with one of the Josh’s. A sister, girlfriend, … I wouldn’t mind that at all.

  4. Marica: some one told me that Majandria is a on and off girlfriend and there is a scene where she and Ms.Heigl haveg go about Majandra being in his bedroom. Maybe you can find some stills ?


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