No ‘Pulling’ pick up!

Majandra twittered bad news about ‘Pulling’ last night!

Unless a miracle occurs, word is the show is dead. Sorry everyone. I guess we did all we could. xoxo

That sucks big time:( I guess with Better Off Ted and Scrubs renewed there was just no room. Damn it! I would have really loved to see Majandra on TV again. Anyways thanks a lot to everyone for the support 🙂







6 responses to “No ‘Pulling’ pick up!”

  1. Line Avatar

    Still hoping for a miracle. It happens.

  2. Smokie Avatar

    Boooooooo!….that sucks. Hoping your miracle happens guys 🙂

  3. Oldbill Avatar

    things can happen MAD was in one project that was dropped before and it was
    pick up by a different network.remember that MAD was in a pilot that has the highest rating that “Fox” has ever as had.
    As it is said. “a door close and a window opens. Hopeing that “Penance” will put MAD in the happy mood.

  4. Marica Avatar

    Oldbill – I’m confused what show are you talking about? Also ‘Penance’ is her sister’s project.

  5. Oldbill Avatar

    I have to apologize we have a jester that found our passwords and sending e-mails.
    Will fix shortly. The same person sends pictures of milk cartons with certain people no them and meet at the pod chamber. We think a young person.

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