SAW II star talks new chiller I REMEMBER

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If you’ve spent time surfing the IMDb looking up what various young actresses are up to, you might have noticed that several of them have apparently been attached to an upcoming horror film called I REMEMBER, written and to be directed by Joe Adams. The film’s page lists a cast including SAW II’s Beverley Mitchell and her 7TH HEAVEN co-stars Jeremy London and Haylie Duff, Jamie-Lynn DiScala (the SOPRANOS girl to be seen next year in Lions Gate’s DARK RIDE), Cerina (CABIN FEVER) Vincent, Andrew (TEENAGE CAVEMAN) Keegan, Majandra (ROSWELL) Delfino and Lori Petty. There’s even an official site linked (, with the poster art at left) and the following synopsis:

“On a cold winter night, an angelic little girl witnesses the brutal execution-style death of her parents. Her testimony confirms that the killer will spend the rest of his days guarded and locked away. Twelve years have passed since Angela witnessed Vincent’s rampage. She can’t escape the frightening images of that gruesome night. Angela lives with the constant fear that Vincent will escape and seek retaliation against her. Judging by the quaint appearance in the town of Eerie, things are now calm with no sign of the tragedy that took place over a decade ago. The brutal murders are just a fragmented memory nearly forgotten by all…except Angela. And this is where the nightmare begins!”

Fango had a chance to ask Mitchell about the movie while interviewing her about SAW II (see our story on this site later this week), and she told us, “I’m attached to that, but we’re not really moving forward with that right now. It’s kind of on hold; they’re still looking for the financing. We’ve all been signed up for over a year now; I was actually attached to that before I took the part in SAW II. They’re working very hard, so we’ll see.” For now, you can see Mitchell get terrorized when SAW II opens nationwide this Friday, October 28; check out the official website here






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