Later Days | Instagram Live Screencaptures

Majandra, David and the directors of their film Later Days, Brad Riddell & Sanford Sternshein, did an Instagram Live the other day. Sadly, I wasn’t able to record the Live due to technical issues but I was able to make screencaptures which I added to the photo archive.

You will also notice that the menu now has two photo archive links. One is the old gallery which belongs to this domain while the other one is the new link belonging to the new domain that is yet to be lauched (still working on the content). You will notice that the new gallery is still a work in progress and there is still a lot of things missing but there are also some new things or updated things with better quality caps, stills and event photos. So, make sure to check it out. I will also slowly start deleting things from the old gallery that I have moved over to the new gallery, so you may notice things being gone in the old gallery but you can find them in the new one.

Anyway, enjoy the screencaps from the Live in the new photo archive.



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