Here is another little update with some pics of Majandra while making ‘What Sad Day’. I hope you enjoy!

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P.S.: I know that I said I would be making a little site for ‘Pulling’ but with all the crap in my life lately I’m just not up for it at the moment. That’s why I’ve been adding just little things every day.
As before please please spread the word about ‘Pulling’. Thanks


  1. Sorry to hear rl so krap for you hun, hope the good times roll around soon x
    Many thanks for these, they both look kinda sad don’t they

  2. Hope things get better. You have to stand the smell as the crap rolls down hill just be sure your not at the bottom. Thought my crap was getting better when my 1981 daughter got married this May . Now the wedding nazis are attacking my 1979 daughter October wedding. I sent a postscript to ABC hope it helps, maybe someone should have a power lunch wth the network nerds and suggest they run some of the piolts and have the public input.
    The pics sure are sad. I would rather see happy pics of MAD, her sister , mother and Shiri A.


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