‘MDA Night Of Spirits’ Charity Party

So last night I had this really strange dream of Majandra attending an event and guess what?! Today I find new pics from a charity party Majandra attended two weeks ago. Awesome, isn’t it?
The party was hosted by Majandra’s good friend Wilmer Valderrama and we have 4 new pics. I know it’s not a lot but she looks totally gorgeous (Like a blonde Angelina if you ask me) and what totally made my day is that Michael Rosenbaum is featured in one of the pics. How awesome is that? I love him so much.

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Thanks to cuz







3 responses to “‘MDA Night Of Spirits’ Charity Party”

  1. Romina Avatar

    The new layout is GORGEOUS! Well done 🙂

  2. Marica Avatar

    Thanks 😀

  3. Kendra Avatar

    Thanks. Majandra is georgous on these pics <3

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